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Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID
Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID. 
Today we celebrate bloggers sharing in style, as dictated by the magnificent Sacramento of Mis Papelicos. So perhaps it was fitting that I share two plaids meeting up on a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. I wasn't dressed for photographs, or public consumption- it was cold, I was chilled, and pretty much just working out of my house, so I was uh, a bit, casz, as in casual. I put on my galoshes, when I left the house to meet a local yokel, who happens to be a very stylish Seattle blogger. 

She too, showed up in plaid.

Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID
This is plaid grilled to perfection, people. Her husband's vintage car coat in a red lumberjack plaid. Warm, and cool as fuck. I immediately crushed out on her Sperry Top Sider's and forced her to pose outside for me, an impromptu photo shoot in between rainclouds. 

Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID

Bloggers Sharing in Style: PLAID, the Pacific Northwest edition

Say hello to Catie B-she's pretty much the most exciting Seattle fashion blogger around. I am lucky to get to know her personally- she is as rad (and stylish) as she looks on her blog. Which you can check out HERE.  You can thank me in home-baked cookies.

Catie took some shots of me- but the pictures were not so good. I blame the mish-mash outfit, and the model. Meh, we can't hit home runs all the time. But it's a homer on the double dash of plaid, doncha think?

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Bloggers Share-in-Style: PLAID

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