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Bloggers Against Poverty:Education in Pakistan

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Hello, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break! Over the last few weeks we have been overwhelmed with the sad news from all around the world, most recently from Pakistan.
I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the education system in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s education system is at breaking point. At least seven million children are not in primary school and half of children aged 6-16 are unable to read even a sentence. In rural areas, only one in three women has ever attended school. There are many reasons why children, particularly girls are absent from school or drop out early. Cited are: crowded classes, outdated teaching methods, and poor quality (often dangerous) school buildings. Parents are reluctant to send their daughters to schools without sanitation facilities, and many view early marriage as a higher priority for their daughters than education.
Bloggers Against Poverty:Education in Pakistan
The above photo shows Hameeda, a teacher from Pakistan in her classroom.
“I used to face difficulties as there were so many children, now, with help I can manage. We teach them per class and have also set up help from the elder children to help teach.” “We have a responsibility to motivate and mobilise children to come to school, it will give them respect and a good future.” “Before, I was alone and I couldn’t cover all topics. Now I have help and if I am sick the education doesn’t stop. Now I am able to manage a large number of students and give them a better education. With help from Oxfam, Hameeda is now able to cover each subject more thoroughly. She has received further training and has found the support immensely helpful. She says: “I had a dream that when I grew up I would be a teacher. It’s really important for the girls to have an education."
This is where Oxfam comes in.Education has the power to lift whole communities out of poverty forever. Oxfam is doing whatever it takes to get more children - particularly girls - in classrooms.Last year, Oxfam helped 11.8 million people. Donations, from people like you, are vital to our work. Giving monthly gives allows us to respond in emergencies and stay to help people rebuild their lives. We work on the root causes of poverty too, and that takes time and effort, but it is so worth it! We all have vital needs, but also hopes and dreams. Oxfam’s work saves lives and helps people to change their lives and build happier, healthier futures. A regular gift to Oxfam changes lives around the world. By giving a monthly donation you can help transform whole communities, for good. Visit Oxfam today and start donating!
Bloggers Against Poverty:Education in Pakistan
Photo credit: Irina Werning/Oxfam
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