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BloggerGo is Searching for a Blog Partner

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

Blog Business Partner Opportunity imageI am actively searching for a full-time blog partner to join me in my venture of building this very site of from the ground, up! 

I am searching for a trustworthy and ambitious business partner who is extremely knowledgeable in the world of blogging and the use of WordPress to help me grow this blog into the site that I know it has the potential to grow.

My goal for BloggerGo is to grow it to the level of becoming the premier website on the world-wide web for blogging tips, advice, tools, and resources.  In addition to providing quality content focused on these topics, I intend to build a fully functional forum where community members can visit daily to offer and learn various blogging tips.

My goals are realistic in time, but the problem is that I am currently a “one man show.”  I am smart enough to realize that taking this blog to the heights that I want to achieve will require the ambition and hard work of a blogging partner.

I need a blog partner who will be willing to assist me in building this blog over the long-term.  However, I am not searching for someone who is seeking overnight results and profits, as monetizing this blog to sustainable levels of income will take a considerable investment of time and hard work.

I am willing to split ownership of BloggerGo at 50% to the person who I pick as my blogging and business partner.  This 50% share will include ownership, responsibility, decision making, overhead, and profits.  My emphasis is on responsibility!  For any partner who joins me in this venture, I would expect him or her to participate fully in the daily operations of running this blog.  Writing content on a very consistent basis as well as daily maintenance functions will be a must.

If you are interested in joining an exciting blogging business venture, please feel free to contact me via my Contact Page.  Please leave your name, contact information, your prior blogging experience, and how you feel you could contribute to the success of BloggerGo as a partner going forward.

I appreciate your time in advance!

To Your Success,

Dave Fennell

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