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Blogger Spotlight: Fifth N' Sixth Closet

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn
When you have a partner in crime things always get incredible interesting and when your sister is also your style soul mate or alter ego as my sisters put it then you both turn a lot of head and get people's attention in a very positive way(mostly) for your choices.
When you add your dedication and hard work to all that stylish gene, the result for these beautiful and very stylish sisters is making a stand for yourselves in the blogging community everywhere.
Coming around their blog a year ago for was totally a blessing, I was so stuck from the very first moment from the eclectic style choices and how they both have a very independent yet similar taste.
While reading through the blog info and going through their old posts, I was very astonished to learnt that they are actually from the same country and tribe with me, that is just another plus to get all patriotic and I immediately bookmarked their page and follow them everywhere on the net (not in a psycho way of course lol).
Don't get me wrong, I used to meet Nigerians everywhere while I was in England but since back home to Greece, I am proudly the only coloured girl I know in my town except for my sisters of course, so understand my silly happy moment whenever I come across a well put together Nigerian Diva blog.
In few words, these beautiful sisters have mastered the equilibrium between high end fashion and high street trends making their personal style their "own" and not a product of a celebrity copy cat (not that is is totally bad). A sense of style that represent a woman who can "hold her own", sophisticated, edgy,vibrant and also professional everyday working lady.
The never bore you and mix a lot of patterns of prints and bold colours, they love their accessories and you can see it from the very first picture.
I contacted them to tell us all a little about themselves and also share some of their inspirational looks.
Here we go
1.Can you tell us a little about you and your blog?
We are two sisters, Bisola and Dammie Gee - hence the name of our blog FifthN’Sixth. We co-founded about a year ago out of our unbridled passion for fashion. We avidly explore the full range of fashion possibilities, and enjoy helping people look their best.2. Why did you start your blog and what has kept you going in terms of inspiration?
Our blog actually started out as a hobby; we enjoy shopping, we love styling, playing dress up, and also love making wardrobe suggestions. We remember back in the days, we would sneak into our Mom’s room to play dress up with her jewelry  clothes, and shoes (we still play dress up now *smile*). Besides our love for it, we are most thankful to our readers – their love and support keeps us going.
3. What will you advice bloggers either just starting out or those who are “fed up” and thinking of given up?
You have to love what you do, because there comes a time that it gets really tough, and the only thing that keeps you going is your love and passion for it.
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If you will love to see more of their looks and get inspirations for how to make your everyday outfit look like a million bucks without breaking the bank, head over and check them out Fifth'NSixth Closet
PS: How are you preparing for the closing of the year?
I still get one more post before the year ends to share with you, so stay tuned.
If you will like your blog to be featured in this monthly segment you can send me an email before the 10th of every month and you might be the one we will all learn something from and about next month.
Thank you for reading and take good care till next post.

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