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Blogger Spotlight: Cosa Mi Metto???

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn
Happy New Month loves!!!
We are officially in the last month of the year and I am so grateful for so many things, one of them of course is this little blog of ours (you make it happen, so its yours too), the many beautiful things that have happenned  to me through this blog and also grateful for you all.
This is the first ever episode of the Blogger Spotlight section and I am very glad to introduce to you all, the stylish, polished and lovely Fabrizia Spinelli from the blog Cosa mi metto???.
She is one of those women who will not hide the little girl in them but dress her up in an impeccably stylish ways with romantic dresses and eye catching accessories.
I will stop my rumbbling  and let her tell you more about her and you can also find more of her inspirational outfits by going to her blog.
1.   Can you tell us a little about you and your blog? Cosa mi metto??? in italian means “What shall I wear???”, and it’s the fateful question that each woman ask herself standing in front of her wardrobe. Even if the blog is written in both english and italan (because my readers are from all over the world), I liked the idea of an italian title, of course because it’s my country, and also because I think Italy has been really important in the history of fashion and I think my country as still much to say about it. Cosa my metto?? is basically about fashion and trends and my personal way of interpreting them. But it’s also a window in to my life and my world, a young girl living in Naples, beloved wife and irrepressible dreamer.

 2. Why do you start your blog and what has kept you going in term of inspiration? I always loved fashion, I always loved to choose the right combinations, to stroll the shops, read fashion magazine s and watch the fashion shows at the tv, but I never had time to do more then this. Two years ago I married my husband Luca, and I left my city Rome, and of course with it my job. So suddenly I had a lot of free time and I decided to dedicated it to my passion and this is how Cosa Mi Metto??? was born.
3.   What will you advice bloggers, either just starting out or those who are “fed up” and thinking of given up? I think blogging (not only about fashion) is really an amazing thing, I love meet people from all over the world and become friends, so I really encourage everyone has this passion. Then I suggest to do it with passion and constancy, because these two quality won’t go unnoticed for sure! Don’t give up at your first obstacles, stay strong and your efforts will be rewarded!

*My gratitude to Fabrizia for her wonderful answers and for sharing part of her blogging story.
Thank Fabrizia also for allowing me to use her pictures.

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