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Blog Vomit: Volume I

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Wednesday is usually the day where I do my "Inspired By:" post each week. I talk about what's been inspiring me lately. Well I planned on doing a post about avocados, because last week I incorporated them into my meals a lot (is it weird to be inspired by an avocado...maybe?). I had high hopes for this post, but then today when it came time to put the post together, the thought of avocados made me want to blow chunks (cute visual, huh?).
Good ol Aunt Flow came to visit me and my stomach has been in knots all day. The only thing that sounds good to eat is Midol. Forreals.
So instead of a glorious avocado recipe post, you're getting a little something that I'd like to call blog vomit. I'm just going to sit here and type whatever comes to mind. And maybe sprinkle in a few random pictures.
Blog Vomit: Volume I
- I just got my wireless camera remote in the mail. And I have been having WAY too much fun figuring out how to use that & my tripod. Fair warning: this blog is about to be bursting with shameless selfies.
- Another thing that came in the mail this week (in case you didn't know...I love getting mail, so I order stuff online just for the sake of getting mail...I have issues) was my order from Julie Ann Art. Her cards seriously crack me up. I bought 3 just because they made me spit my coffee on my keyboard when I was reading them online last week.
Blog Vomit: Volume I
- Going to the grocery store hungry is probably one of the stupidest things that one could do. I did that yesterday. And spent WAY more than a single person should be spending on their weekly grocery bill. And guess what? I don't even cook. I guess I forgot about that while I was in the store yesterday and my stomach was growling at me. Who wants to come use all the food I bought and cook me a gourmet dinner?
- 3 days until I get to watch Luke Bryan shake it for me. I'm so excited, I think I just peed a little.
Blog Vomit: Volume I
- Last thing. Something that really annoys me: when people win tickets to an event from a radio station and they don't even act halfway excited about it. Y'all...winning free tickets is something to squeal about! Especially if you're on the radio. C'mon! I've been trying to win tickets to see Kenny Chesney & Eric Church all week...I've called two of my local radio stations over 100 times. And when I win (because I AM going to win), I already have my acceptance speech planned out & practiced. People are going to know that I'm excited about winning those tickets, dangit.
I hope you enjoyed this edition of Blog Vomit. I'm sure there's more where this came from.
Oh and I hope you enjoyed mine & Adam's test run of my tripod & remote ;)
Blog Vomit: Volume

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