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Blog Readers Crowdsource Online Data to Make Informed Purchases

Posted on the 02 May 2014 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

When consumers stumble on your blog, chances are they’ve found it by searching for keywords that are relevant to your blog post. It’s also likely that they’re checking multiple blogs for information on a product, and sifting through comments, updates, and reviews to make sure that a purchase is apt to be worth their while.

You can help your readers get the best bang for their buck by making sure your content is relevant and valuable for getting them the answers they need. Below are a few content elements to keep in mind if you’re writing about products that are currently on the market.

Fair reviews

As a blogger, you must recognize that your readers will expect you to give honest feedback regarding any products you review. This means you should give fair weight to both the pros and the cons you’ve observed and experienced personally, rather than just parroting what you’ve seen elsewhere.

Your opinions and perspectives matter. If a product works for you, it’s likely to work for your readers. Try to remain unbiased and objective during the review process; think about how to achieve a balanced scoring process to determine the overall quality of the product.

The more thought you put into this process, the more your readers will appreciate your review.

Special deals

Some products find their way onto multiple online retailer websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock, or eBay. It can be difficult for consumers to figure out which one’s the best deal.

If you’re blogging about such a product, it can be extremely helpful if you do the price comparisons for readers. Uncover rebates, coupons, and seasonal specials to help people save money.

You can also find these kinds of deals by browsing coupon and deal mobile apps. When you have them, post the most useful information. If you’re able to bring consumers value in this way, they will treasure your blog as a source of very useful information.

Spark discussion

Before someone makes a purchase online, he or she usually seeks out multiple opinions. You can keep readers on your blog by cultivating an open channel of communication with commenters.

When readers see multiple comments that detail other peoples’ experiences with a particular product, they’ll derive greater value from your content.

You can spark discussion about retail websites and products by asking your readers questions about their buying experiences. Make sure to probe with in-depth queries, such as “What was your experience like with the warranty?”

Websites that harness the power of multiple consumer voices will be taken very seriously as representative of current digital shopping experiences. Your readers will appreciate their access to multiple perspectives on your blog before they make a purchase.

Do you want to help online shoppers? Perhaps you’re thinking about making a purchase yourself, and you want to crowdsource information from your own blog audience.

You have multiple opportunities as a blogger to learn about the greatest deals on the web and share this wealth of knowledge with other shoppers. Honest reviews, deal hunting, and product discussions are all great ways to contribute to the discussion.

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