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Blog Glitch Regarding Floral Workshop in Lumby

By Ingrid Christensen
Blog glitch regarding floral workshop in Lumby
Imagine my surprise this morning when I got an announcement telling me that I was teaching a floral workshop in Lumby, BC - again.
I did this workshop more than a year ago, and Blogger appears to have randomly plucked it from the archives and announced it just for a giggle.
Technology is, ultimately, my good friend.  It allows me to communicate with artists from around the world, to see work in museums at such high res that I can examine brushstrokes, and to do video critiques in which another artist and I see each other's faces and talk about their work.  All wonderful things.
Sometimes, though, entire days are lost to glitches and gremlins like this one - though I have to say, this is a really new one for me!
In the meantime, please check the dates on any blog posts that comes to your inbox to make sure they're sensible.
**I will be announcing 2 real and upcoming workshops soon.  Both will be in held in Calgary in the spring of 2019.  Stay tuned!
Happy painting!

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