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Posted on the 06 January 2013 by Diana @azizaspicks
Since it's awards season, the movies are not the only ones getting them....blogs are granted some pretty cool ones, too, and in the last couple of days I got TWO of them. I'm flattered to think someone thinks my humble blog is worthy of something like this, so thank you very much Anna from Defiant Success and Ruth from "..let's be splendid about this"
This specific award is The Versatile Blogger and these are the rules
                                                     Blog awards
  • Display the award certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever sent you the award
  • Present fifteen awards to deserving bloggers
  • Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off
  • Post seven interesting facts about yourself

Seven interesting facts about me? well...I don't know if they are that interesting, but here they are:1. I am already planning my holiday this year and it includes a music festival sometime during June- July2. My biggest dream, travel-wise, is to go to New York. After the music festival this year, I am saving up for New York :)3. You know how I was complaining about not having a job? well, now I have two...let's see how I cope with that4. I am a Snake in the Chinese zodiac, and this will be the year of the Snake, so I guess I'll have a great 20135. I am not really a dog person, or a cat one, or any animal for that matter. I don't really like animals. I know, weird!6. My desk is always full of books, magazines and empty glasses and mugs. I should really clean my room7. My current agenda/notebook has The Beatles on the cover :)
Now passing on the award to more bloggers, who, most likely, have gotten this already, but honestly, I don't know any more. Well, this will be tough. 15? can't I do less? please? Here's my list:
Sati at Cinematic Corner
Stevee at Cinematic Paradox
Nikhat at Being Norma Jean
Andy at Film EmporiumAlex at And So It Begins
I know, just 5, but they are the champions when it comes to being versatile. 
Love you all and thanks for the mentions!

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