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Blistex Lip Tone Balm Review

By Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
Look what I found from the drug store today--Blistex Lip Tone! If you are after lip balms which complement the natural look of your lips, then this one might be the one you are looking for. Of course, I tried it on right away and I must say this one's worth the buy (only P80).
Blistex Lip Tone Balm Review
Based on the packaging, it helps relieve cracked or chapped lips, helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather, and helps prevent sunburn. It's actually a lip protectant with SPF 15. However, when I applied it, it feels minty on my lips. Maybe it's because of the natural plant extracts on the ingredient.
Blistex Lip Tone Balm Review
Max size. I guess this lip balm and I will stay together for a long time. Rating: 5 over 5Will buy again? Maybe! Let's see. 

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By Alison Paris
posted on 29 October at 16:34

Where can I buy this lovely Blistex Lip Tone Kind regards Alison Paris