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Black Rose

Posted on the 20 February 2011 by Pelski

Black Rose
Henrik Schwarz and Jesse Rose are two names synonymous with House music, no doubt. The former releasing a strew of quality originals and remixes for a long time now (one of which featured in our top 2010 list) ; the latter is the boss of the glorious Made to Play imprint as well as Front Room and Play it Down, not to mention a superb producer. In fact his "Let's Start Again" EP on Dubsided back in 2005 is a huge record and I relish playing that badboy on the ones and twos every time I get a chance.

These two pillars of modern dance music culture have come together to bring you a track of such epic proportions that there can only be one word in the Oxford English Dictionary apt to describe it, and that word is Anthem. Now you may be thinking that they are blowing their own trumpet a little bit, however when these two mammoth minds collide under their Black Rose moniker it is safe to say they have the "cojones", the gravitas and an esteemed music CV to label their debut output as such.
Jesse himself is convinced this is going to be the biggest track to date he has ever been involved in and some people are labeling it the Major Lazer track that never was. Featuring a killer Barrington Levy sample, I predict here at Pelski HQ that what we have here is a track ready to explode. If you happen to go clubbing in the next two months and you DONT hear it, I'd ask for my money back pretty sharpish.
Either way, our friends over at Made to Play kindly tipped us off the official video for the soon to be anthem
Black Rose - Anthem.

If you like it then it's available on beatport, if you forgot to give your loved one something on Valentine's Day then buy them the release in full WAV quality. I mean let's face it, flowers do tend to wilt after a few days, this track is set to blossom to no end. Mark my words or I'll buy you all a pint.

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