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Black n' Gold Blitz : Pittsburgh, Are You Ready For These Buccos?

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
I fully realize that there are ups and downs in a 162 game baseball season. The Pirates have experienced plenty of ups and downs so far after only 60+ games. The one thing that continues to impress me is the fact that these Pirates don't seemed phased by success or disappointment. After only taking 1 of 3 from the Reds, and being sweeped by the Braves, Pirate teams of past years would have folded BIG TIME. That winning 1 out of 6 would have turned into winning 1 out of 10, and next thing you know you are really making things difficult on yourself to climb back into the race. In a year where the division that used to be called the "Comedy" Central, the NL Central division could be the best division in all of baseball. The Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates are all clicking on all cylinders, and its taken one of the best starts since 1992 for the Pirates just to keep pace. With all that said, I hope Pittsburgh is ready to embrace this team once again, and stand behind them for the long haul. Just take a look at this statistic that was floating around Twitter last night. (courtesy of @MichaelWaterloo)
#Pirates win 11-8. Improve record to 39-26. 18 wins away from matching 2010 win total (57) Won 39th game in 2010 on Aug. 7. It's June 12.
Take some time and read that again. That was just 2010...only 3 short years removed for this up and coming team. This team has come a long way, and alot can be attributed to alot of people, but the city of Pittsburgh needs to prepare themselves for a stretch run....not just a spark and to watch the team fizzle out again. After 65 games this year the Pirates are 39-26. Last year after 65 games they stood at 34-31...not quite the knockout team we remember right? In 2011, after 65 games they stood at 32-33. The previous 2 seasons the fan base was giddy as can be with the production of the Pirates, and they stood just around .500 on both occasions. This year, the Pirates are lighting it up and stand an astounding 13 games over .500. I realize that the Pirates have a long ways to go, but this team is leaps and bounds above the previous two versions.

The reason for the Pirates new found success? If you ask me, its a MUCH improved starting rotation, a bull pen that ranks among tops in MLB, and players that are finally starting to produce like the Pirates expected them to at the plate and in the field. That being said, I hope the city of Pittsburgh and its fans everywhere are prepared to be involved and invested well into August. It will be an adjustment to Steelers fans, but for once, training camp and preseason football games won't lead the sports segment in Pittsburgh. No, if all goes according to will be the Pirates. I've said for years that Pittsburgh is a baseball town that is just waiting to be woken up. This is the year that the city gets awaken to see a Pirates team they are proud to support. Lets Go Bucs!

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