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Black Husker Helmets: New Evidence?

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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What started with an innocent photo has now taken the Cornhusker State and Husker Nation by storm. The sight of a black shell with the familiar Nebraska “N” on its side caused an explosion across social media networks.
When photoshopped images of alternative uniforms involving the unofficial third color surfaced, the topic of uniforms seemed to come up immediately following, “How ‘bout those Huskers?”
A new twist has surfaced in regards to the color’s appearance on Nebraska’s duds. In the picture that has made its way around the Internet and back, the helmet shown wouldn’t be used today. It’s comprised of what appears to be a standard Riddell shell with a facemask of the same era. Riddell is a company that manufactures helmets for those of you choosing not to keep up with Uniform Chat these days.
Riddell has been making constant improvements to a helmet model that was introduced in 2002 known as the “Revolution.” The helmets have been designed to reduce head trauma, specifically concussions. A newer model of the Revolution line, the “Revolution Speed” helmet, is worn by most, if not all, Nebraska football players.
Bottom line: While the helmet in the original picture wouldn’t be used during a game today, this one would:

Black Husker Helmets: New Evidence?

This helmet is the Revolution Speed brand from shell to facemask. Is it further proof that there could be a black helmet unveiled this season? We'll see how things develop.
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