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BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!

By Thecitrusguy @SCCitrusguy

Here we are, on the brink of another holiday buying season, Black Friday.
The day that all retail business owners fear and love at the same time!
BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!
There are many jokes out there about how we were so thankful for everything we have on Thursday, Thanksgiving, only to cause chaos, riots, and blood baths, at department stores the next day.
Look, I get it.
The holidays get expensive and you want to save as much money as possible, yet get everybody on your list something special.
Why not get them the gift of education?
Gardening can be relaxing, healthy, fun, and even useful if you grow your own food. So, get the gift that can help do all of these things.
Yes, you read that right, books!
Technology is great if used properly, but sometimes just having a book in your hands is even better.
Let me share links with you on some books that I think would make great Christmas gifts or Hanukkah gifts.
These are shameless self plugs and are Amazon affiliate links.
#1-How To Grow Citrus Practically Anywhere- A book for people outside the traditional "Citrus Belts" that want to grow their own Grapefruits, Oranges, Limes, Etc. A how-to book on the ins and outs of growing citrus trees in containers, including fertilizing, soil mixes and of course, cold protection. Want to see more of what is inside? Check THIS out!
BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!
#2-Growing Camellias for Contemplation and Competition- Growing camellias can be fun and relaxing or a boost to your competitive side. This book will take you into the world of both by teaching you how to grow them to enjoy and showing you how the world of flower show competition works. In the first part of the book, Mr. Sheriff covers growing them in the ground and in containers. When and what fertilizers to use, pests problems you might encounter, and general growing tips. In the second part, he discusses where to find the information to enter shows, how to find shows, and what is needed to compete. Including dozens of photographs and speaking in a non-technical way, Mr. Sheriff offers you one of his lectures in book form, with extra benefits. He discusses the various forms of camellias such as singles and formal doubles. Gives a list of nurseries to purchase camellias, how to propagate them yourself and how you can get involved in a camellia society near you.
You can check out the different chapters and their content HERE
BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!
#3-A Beginner's Guide to Lowcountry Gardening and Landscaping- A book for newcomers to the Lowcountry of South Carolina to help them figure out what grows there, what doesn't and where to find the best information. To learn more about this book, check out this ARTICLE
BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!
#4-Plants Are Our Friends-A Children's Picture Book- Plants are called our friends because friends share things. We give and share things with plants, such as carbon dioxide, the air that we exhale. Plants give us oxygen to inhale and food to eat which allows us and other things to survive. Children need to be exposed to the connection that all life on earth has with plants. This picture book asks your child if they are friends with plants. It tells them what plants do for them like how they share food, create places to play, and make pretty things to look at and smell. This book also tells them how plants are important for other animals by providing homes and food for them. As you read "Plants Are Our Friends" to your children, or if they are reading it themselves, it offers ways to interact with them by asking questions that will cause them to think and showing ways that plants are beneficial. The intentions of this book are numerous.1) To get kids interested in the world around them and how it impacts them.2) It motivates them to seek out a different perspective on why there are plants and what they do.3) Hopefully, it will get them to lay the electronics down for a little while and see what nature has to offer. Our future depends on plants, not just for beauty and fun, but for survival. Farmers rely on plants to grow to make all kinds of things. Children need to be exposed to nature so that they will understand that apples, for instance, do not just come from the grocery store. This book will also help teach that friendship is not a one-way street. There should be a give and take, that is what makes a good friendship.
An article and some reviews can be found HERE.
BLACK FRIDAY-The Citrus Guy Style!
Well, there you have it, four books for that gardener in your life, or beginning gardener.
I would be honored if you were to give any or all of these books as gifts this holiday season.
If you live anywhere close to where I am, and you follow me on Facebook, I have been known to sign copies when I am doing events.
2020 looks to be an exciting year! I hope to be able to do lots of different events, lectures, and who knows what else. Follow me on social media, you NEVER know where I will crop up next!
If you have any questions about this article, my books, or anything garden related, you can also send me an e-mail- [email protected] OR .net
Happy Growing!

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