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Black Friday Survival Guide

By Tryitonme @tryitonme
Black Friday is a shopping day unlike any other. On this infamous day, only the strong survive in a land of bargain hunters with blood in their eyes. Shopping on Black Friday is not for the faint of heart, and being a seasoned vet, I feel as though it's my civic duty to share my tricks of the trade.
Black Friday Survival GuideA day Rebecca Black can sing about.
  1. Make a game plan and peruse advertisements early to decide what stores will be worth your while. Jot down notes about what you're looking for, and prioritize from there.
  2. Most stores offer "doorbusterss." Stores like Target, Best Buy, Walt-Mart usually offer unbelievable deals that occur only at ultra early times {As early as midnight}. If you're dying to snag a $250 52-inch LCD TV, I suggest you be first in line. Odds are there will always be someone crazier than you, and in some cases, you may find yourself camping out!
  3. With these bargains come large crowds and very long lines. Many stores have store maps on their website, outlining exactly where certain goods are located in the store. Once you've found that coveted item, my advice is to get in and get out. In my experience these sales bring out the absolute worst in people, so why stay in the mix longer than you have to?
  4. Department stores and retailers like Macy's, J. Crew, and Victoria's Secret usually have fantastic sales, and the clientele is usually a little less cut-throat. Malls can be just as crowded, but like the rest of this day, deep breaths!
  5. There is no denying that there are fabulous deals, ripe for the pickin' this coming Friday. In the past when I am not looking for anything specific, but would love to score a deal, I've grabbed a Starbucks, hit the mall, and watched the hysteria with a carefree attitude. You have to accept that every place you turn is going to be crowded beyond belief. Not to mention that bargain basement prices make some people go cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Remember, no item is worth fighting over... Well almost no item. So I usually just bop around town and thoroughly enjoy myself.
  6. Remember, just because something is a great deal, doesn't mean you need or even really want it. It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement. Remember, if it wouldn't be a suitable gift, or something you would buy otherwise, leave it be.
  7. If you're really not looking for anything specific, try shopping in the evening. The stores are far less crowded and you will likely score something great.
  8. As far as gifts go, I usually don't find much on these days. In my experience, I've had more luck with kitchen-wares, accessories, and wardrobe staples (tights, tank tops, etc.).
  9. If Black Friday is not at all your style, jot down these two dates: Small Business Saturday {support your favorite independently owned small businesses} and Cyber Monday {avoid lines and score deals as awesome as Friday's}.

I took a sneak peak at this year's ads, and here are some fashionable finds:
  • H&M- dresses and sweaters from $5
  • Express- 40% off everything
  • Old Navy- $1 scarves, $2 gloves, $5 leggings, $15 sweaters

Black Friday Survival Guide

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