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Black and White Cookies

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
I hope you enjoy my sweet friend, Jenn. She's a doll!
I still remember my first black and white cookie. I was in a New York City deli, the cookie’s unofficial motherland, and spotted a stack of absolutely enormous cakey discs painted like half moons. I peeled off the plastic wrap and after being momentarily blinded by the frosting’s enamel-like sheen, I took my first eager bite.
Picture And it was awful.  Dry, bland, and utterly unremarkable in every possible way. I was actually offended. I wasted calories on this?
Picture  That’s because the classic black and white is really a tiny cake cleverly disguised in a cookie costume, and thus gets stale really quickly. Many bakeries and delis hug them with shrink wrap to keep them fresher longer, but it doesn’t really extend their shelf life all that much. If you don’t eat them on the day they’re made, you’re better off grabbing a fro-yo down the street.
Picture  That said, if you do get your hands on a fresh one…holy mama.  A good black and white cookie is a deliciously spongy, lemony cake kept interesting with equal parts chocolate and vanilla icing or fondant. There are a lot of different recipes for B&Ws on the web, and I welcome you to try whichever sounds best to you. The one I chose seemed to be the easiest and the quickest.  What can I say? I’m a New Yorker. I’m always in a rush.
Picture  And now for the really good news: I think they’re way better homemade than they are store-bought, so this is one NYC standby that can actually taste better in Minnesota. Or Tallahassee. Or Austin, especially if Monet is manning the stove.
Here is the link to the recipe!
Thanks, Jenn! Please take time to visit Jenn's fabulous blog, Much to My Delight.
Both Jenn and her blog are beautiful...and I'm  honored that she sent me a blog post while my arm heals. Ryan and I are in Colorado for my sister's 40th birthday...and I'll update with pictures soon.
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