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By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
Picture Favorite birthdays anyone?
Red balloons, ribboned girls, and a cake covered in chocolate and pink roses. We ran through the monkey grass to climb the fort my father had built in our backyard, and we looked out over the neighborhood, taunting the less fortunate boys who hadn't been invited to my 6th soiree.
My mother, with her perfect red lips and long black hair, officiated cake cutting and present opening. I don't remember anything I received that year, but I clearly see her scribbling down the names of gift givers as I tore into brightly papered packages.
Although my birthday isn't for months, I still remember how palpable my excitement was on the eve of my big day. I'd close my eyes in bed, my heart beating loudly, as I imagined all the splendor of this one special day.
I made this Superman Cake for my dear friend's nephew last weekend. Kate and I spent Friday morning in my kitchen with bags of icing, superman figurines and tall cups of coffee. After a few hours of decorating and deliberation, the cake was done.
I'll be back on Monday with another recipe and post....but for the weekend? A cake and memories of birthdays past.
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PictureWhy not? Kittens! Always,
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