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Birthday Girl

By Shavawn Berry @ShavawnB
Vintage Birthday Girl via Pinterest

Vintage Birthday Girl via Pinterest

Day 2: A – Z Challenge

Today, I am the birthday girl.

Today, I celebrate another twirl and whirl around the sun.

I celebrate, conscious of each breath, each fragile moment, each grace that comes my way.

Today, I  am new; today, I embark on another year, my hat full of sun and rain, ideas, books, lines of poetry, mind-maps, vision boards and stories.

I am a lucky woman.

I admit, I learned most things the hard way. I lost my heart and watched words spill from my chest. I took a licking and I kept on ticking.

And, you know what?

I am still standing.

I am still here.

I am still kicking.

Today, I am the birthday girl.

Watch me lick the spoon.

Watch me bury my face in roses, soaking up their scent.

Watch me have my cake and eat it too.


P.S. Gratitude to my Mom-cat, whose wise spirit called me into this deep, blindingly beautiful life. Gratitude to my daddy who has been gone too long.

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