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Birth Story; 15 Years Old With A 74 Hour Labour

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Birth Story; 15 Years Old With A 74 Hour Labour


I had a fairly good pregnancy, morning sickness started at 7 weeks so in April 2008 I decided to take a test, it was positive. I was a shocked 15 year old but I was happy. He wasn’t planned but the thought of having an abortion or giving him up never came to my mind. At the time we found out I had been with my boyfriend Josh for 13 months and engaged for 8 months, but knew he was the one.

He was also 15 at the time, still in school, I struggled to tell my mom but had too so a week later after a visit to the GP, I built up the courage to tell her. When I did the first thing she did was cry, but she stood by my decision to keep him. Morning sickness lasted until 16 weeks, it started up again until 24 weeks.

When I was 19 weeks on 19th July I was rushed to the hospital with bleeding. When I got there my son was fine but I had to stay in hospital for 3 days until the bleeding slowed down. I went home and the next day was back for my 20 week scan where we found out he was a boy.

On 5th December 2008 my due date I was due to be given a sweep off the midwife at 12pm, but when she came to do it she refused as my son’s heart rate was too low. I had to go to the hospital. When I arrived his heart rate was back to normal as usual, this had happened every week since 35 weeks so at each midwife appointment i’d be sent to the hospital but all would be fine when we arrived.

I was put on the moniter for an hour, they then checked to see if i had dilated and i was 3cm, they gave me the sweep and off I went home. I lost my mucous plug at 3pm that day, at 7pm i started having contractions lasting 2 minutes apart so took paracetamol to help with the pain but it wasn’t helping, so I didn’t take any more after that.

I stayed awake all night unable to sleep with the pain by 4am the contractions were 7 minutes apart lasting 3 minutes. To cope I kept walking around to see if it would help bring on the labor.

8pm 6th December my contractions were lasting 4-5 minutes every 5 minutes so off we went to the hospital. When checked they said I was still 3cm but decided to keep me in over night, I went to the ward where they all were with their babies. I had my own room, I stayed awake all night unable to sleep with the pain, the longest i’d slept in 2 nights was 5 minutes. They discharged me 3pm the next day with contractions still lasting 4-5 minutes every 5 minutes still 3cm.

8th December the contractions were every 3 minutes lasting 6 minutes so the midwife was called out at 11pm then of we went to the hospital. I stopped a few times on the way and when they finally checked my cervix I was 4cm dilated. I started using the gas & air but it wasn’t doing anything so I decided to walk around the hospital. At 4pm I went to the shop with Josh my partner and my mom before it closed and on the way back I noticed my waters were leaking leaving a trail behind me.

At 6pm after 69 hours of labor I decided I wanted a rest before pushing so I was given the epidural, then they broke my waters, it was a relief to have some rest but I didn’t sleep as Josh’s mom came to see us.

10pm I was 9cm but wanted to push, the midwifes told me not too but it was too late, I was already pushing. After his head was born his shoulders got stuck, they pressed the button and another 5 midwifes came rushing in, 3 of them pushed my legs back so they’d have more room to get his shoulders out.

After 15 minutes of pushing and 74 hours of labor my beautiful son Anton Lee was born into the world. He was rushed straight out of the room because his shoulders were floppy, he came back after a few minutes. He weighed 9lb 13oz and was 19inch long and was gorgeous the love I had for him straight away was unbelieavable, it wasn’t the same as any other love.

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