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Birdtalker Lighten the Emotional Load with Just This EP [Premiere]

Posted on the 18 August 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Birdtalker Lighten the Emotional Load with Just This EP [Premiere]

Birdtalker’s “Want” is a bold opening statement for their Just This EP — beautiful, enriching harmonies wash over spiritual melodies, and phrases such as “I don’t want my words to be a weapon but a healing balm” feel like a solemn, full-hearted mission statement for the remainder of the six-track release. And they certainly deliver on that promise. As one track unfolds into the next, the mostly acoustic instrumentation is complimented by the Americana-rooted vocals and themes. Still, though, even as they delve into more uncertain and strained subject matter, they’ll still remind you to “put what’s heavy behind” and that we “don’t need no mournful sounds.” Simply put, you feel lighter by the end of this EP than before you began listening. Enjoy above, be sure to pick up the EP tomorrow, and read more about the release from Zack and Dani Green below.

This EP is the first set of songs from our early attempts at songwriting that we felt could stand on their own. Writing is an exploration of self, and we wrote these songs at a time when, as a newly married couple, we were looking more deeply into our conditioned states, and starting the process of deconstruction and revision. These songs were creative ways of fleshing out new ideas for ourselves and exploring new ways of living life. And, with the luxury of time not being a constraint, we spent a lot of time as a band on the songs’ arrangements. Overall we believe it is a solid representation of our inception as a band.

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