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  • Creationists Invent Their Own Mutation Rate!

    Creationists Invent Their Mutation Rate!

    In September 2015 young earth creationist Dr Nathaniel Jeanson published a study attempting to show that molecular clocks and the mutation rate support the youn... Read more

    The 23 May 2016 by   Reprieve
  • Making a Neanderthal Spear the Neanderthal Way

    Making Neanderthal Spear

    How did the Neanderthals make a spear? That might seem like a fairly basic question, but it's surprisingly tough to answer. The fragments of tools left behind b... Read more

    The 20 May 2016 by   Reprieve
  • Big Brains Drove Humans to Evolve Faster Metabolism

    Humans live an energy intensive life. We have big brains that need hundreds of calories a day to maintain. We produce big brained babies that take extra calorie... Read more

    The 26 May 2016 by   Reprieve
  • What’s the Point of the Nose?

    What makes humans unique? The nose probably isn't anyone's first answer to that question. Yet compared to the other primates (and earlier members of our... Read more

    The 31 May 2016 by   Reprieve
  • What is a Hero?

    What Hero?

    Does the hero die a hero, or does she survive? In our worship of the mortal champion for good, is it imperative that the hero dies in the at, or do we need her... Read more

    The 23 May 2016 by   Bjornostman