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Biography of Django Reinhardt (Part I)

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by Musicaddictguy
I wrote this article to honored Django Reinhardt, one of the most influential European jazz musician in our history. He was one of the few people who conquered the odd situation to become the best in his field. Although not many young people knew about him, his influence and legacy on jazz music is still found in modern jazz music.
Django Reinhardt was born on 23 January 1910 in Liberchies, Belgium, into a Romani Gypsy (known as Manouche in French-speaking nations) family. His family was furniture maker, but they also interested in traditional music as well. Just like other Gypsy child, he spent his childhood in a caravan stationed on Gypsy encampment near Paris. He received little formal education and was almost illiterate, but he acquired additional literacy education when was already adult.
He was interested to violin when he was child, but he turned to banjo-guitar when he was 12. He learned banjo very fast, and he already made living as musician in tender age of 13. He married his first wife, Florine Mayer, when he was a teenager. Florine Mayer made imitation flower to support their household.
On 2 November 1928 fire destroyed their caravan, apparently Reinhardt knocked over a candle into caravan floor, burning his wife’s working material. Reinhardt and Mayer escaped from fire, but Reinhardt suffered first and second degree burn wound over half his body, wounded his left leg and the fifth and fourth fingers of his left hand were badly burned. Doctors suggest him to amputate his left leg and stop playing music, but Reinhardt refused. His brother, Joseph Reinhardt supported him by giving him a new guitar, and told him not to step out from music. Django Reinhardt spent next 18 months to develops his own music style, compromise his permanently damaged fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand. 
   (to be continue) 

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