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Binge and Purge

By Tryitonme @tryitonme
Binge and Purgetop / pants / shoes
Carrie Bradshaw said it best when describing her wardrobe; "I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet." That has always been my philosophy as well. Up until now that's precisely why I have kept my wall-length closet open at all times. Looking at it just makes me happy. I love seeing the colors shining, the prints as they contrast and compliment each other, the sparkles glimmering, my shoes and purses smiling back at me. 
But at the end of this month I am moving and for the first time in my life I am taking a major hit in the closet department. Therefore, I must purge. After years of binging on pretty tops, flowy skirts, and impractical shoes that are grueling to walk in,  I must put on my big girl pants, wipe the tears from my eyes, and say goodbye to a good portion of it. Why? Well because along with these teeny tiny closets comes starting a new life with a man that I adore (and a really awesome kitchen). And these are just things. Shockingly that means more to me than having enough space to display 47 pairs of shoes.
I've decided to stick to what I know and keep what I wear best: figure flattering silhouettes, black and bright colors, oversized accessories, and shoes that hurt my feet. This particular outfit made the cut easily. The peplum top and purple cropped jeans are two of my favorite items and luckily are versatile enough to wear year round, giving them prime spots on team Brittany's Wardrobe. If only my Anthropologie fish-tail skirt hand been so lucky...
Binge and PurgeBinge and Purge
Binge and Purge

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