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Bill’s Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker
Bill's Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

Bill’s Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

You’ve never seen so many clocks in one space like you will at Bill’s Clockworks in Flora, Indiana!

The shelves and walls are full of so many kinds of clocks.

Bill’s Clockworks in Flora

There’s a photo inside the tidy shop that shows a twenty month old Bill looking intently at a clock. He’s never the lost the passion for them in the days since!

As a child, his grandfather first introduced him to winding and regulating clocks. As he grew older, he tinkered and learned so that when it was time to head to college, he was all in.

With a MSEE (Master of Science Electrical Engineering degree) behind him, he did digital circuit and IC design, later designing semi-custom integrated circuits for video display boards. But in 1991, he decided to open up his first clock shop in Indianapolis. He and his wife, Kim (a pastor), decided to move to Flora, her hometown. 

Flora, Indiana Clock Repair and Sale

Bill's Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

Bill’s Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

Long-time area residents will remember Bill’s Clockworks as the site of the old Rainbow Cafe in downtown Flora.

Now, tall shelves take up the center space. Clocks are attached to the walls and sit in the window all around. Each tall section features a clock for sitting or a hanging cuckoo clock.

There are clocks of all kinds! Some are elaborately detailed and feature wonderful moving parts and terrific chimes or short musical scores. Others are simple and inexpensive. There’s something here to fit any home–even a modern, minimalist one!

Though there are plenty of clocks here for sale, this Indiana clock shop also offers repairs! He’s currently got a two month backlog so if your clock needs a bit of work–don’t hesitate. Bill services Carroll County and beyond.

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Bill's Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

Bill’s Clockworks in Flora, Indiana

Our oldest son, age 9, was so inspired by the clock shop that he started requesting clocks to take apart so he could study them. He got his wish a few weeks ago and has been in clock heaven ever since.

Flora, Indiana has a population of just over 2,000 people. Yet, even here, you’ll discover a slew of fantastic family-owned shops like this that put the fun back in shopping and browsing!

Bill will ship so be sure to get in touch to support a great local business.

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Bill’s Clockworks
8 W Columbia Street
Flora, IN 46929

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