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Big Fire, Big Burn

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

Today I thought I would dress up like Little Red Riding Hood.  Just because I can. I found this amazing red skirt that’s covered in little yellow and blue speckles (I’m going to call it my Jackson Pollock skirt *nerd*) and I can’t stop wearing it! I love this shape so much. I can’t believe that I never even wore skirts until about three months ago; what was I thinking? For some reason I always thought they didn’t suit me. Anyway, for this incarnation I imagined I was out in the meadows, picking flowers, blissfully unaware that I’m being hunted by a blood-thirsty wolf from deep within my own psyche. Also, as you can see, I’m now a brunette! This is due to one seriously terrible hairdresser, and not my choice at all; I gave her a picture of Amanda Seyfried and she turned me into the bad Olivia from Fringe. I’ll probably change it back soon; I don’t recognize myself.
I also want to talk to you all about The Totally Awesome Blog Hop. I heard about it on The Little Owl, an amazing blog written by Sabrina Brucker, a New Yorker that I’ve been following ever since she gave me one of my first comments back in December. The Totally Awesome Blog Hop is the brain-child of her and three other bloggers who are acting as hostesses for a giant link-fest of like-minded bloggers across the world. I’ve only been a member for a couple of days and have already found a whole bunch of cool new blogs to follow and comment on! It only takes five minutes to sign up and it really does help boost traffic, so I thought I’d spread the word! You can join in by clicking the button in my sidebar, or by going to The Little Owl.
One last word about the bag I’m wearing; it was handmade for me by a very talented craftsman in The New Forest, England called Tibor who designs the coolest, most magical satchels around. You can even design the thing yourself, choosing everything from the leather to the clasp to the stitching, and he’ll make it up for you from scratch. Check out his website here!
Hope you all had an awesome weekend! <3
    top and leggings-random shop/skirt-Topshop/shoes-Pretty Ballerinas/leather bag-Tibor

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