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Bic for Her Pens: A Pointless Gender Stereotype

Posted on the 29 August 2012 by Juliez

Bic for Her Pens: A Pointless Gender Stereotype

So, Bic has come out with a pen specifically suited to our needs as ladies. It writes smoother, has a gel grip – you know, for our delicate lady hands – and, I’m assuming, massages my shoulders after a long day of putting on makeup and popping out babies.

I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now, since there’s loads of hilarious posts with snarky reviews of the pen all over the internet and this ridiculous TV ad:

(Is it just me, or is this chick RIDICULOUSLY picky? If you’re screaming in the middle of the hallway that you need a pen, you probably just realized you have a HUGE test in World Civ next period, and you can’t ask the girl who sits behind you for a writing utensil because you have seen her pick her nose with that thing and no thank you. You’ll take whatever pen you can get. Also, is nobody concerned about how this mysterious Bic man got into the school? Those are underage kids, for christ’s sakes. Is this a teacher just giggling around the school, handing out pens for girls and getting kisses on the cheek?)

Seriously, WHAT even is the point of this crap? Do we have to gender EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT that comes out on the market? Is it really necessary to slap pink or blue on everything?

But gender stereotyping is one thing — actually charging more for these pens is another. That’s right: these pens cost more than regular Bic pens. WHY WOULD ANYBODY BUY THIS?

Bic clearly thinks that there’s a market here for this. And maybe there is, among middle schoolers insecure about gender and wanting to adhere to societal gender norms to the highest degree – from their head to their toes to every last one of their school supplies. I can’t decide what’s sadder – the fact that young girls will look at this as something they further need to outfit their backpacks, or the fact that a major corporation thought this was a great idea. It seriously bums me out that girls have to worry about whether or not their school supplies are girly enough for the first day back at school instead of thinking about their classes or learning or books they may need. Sigh.

What do you guys think? Where is the line for gendering products? Does this cross it?

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