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Beware of the Assertion a Picture Was “photoshopped”

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

To the authors, editors and readers of FOTM, I would give a word of caution.

The controversy surrounding the atrocity at Sandy Hook is based on the many suspicious anomalies in the reporting of the story, and the disgusting rush to capitalize on it as an opportunity for political agendas.

One thing I have seen frequently is the statement that this picture or that has been “photoshopped”. I have looked closely at a number of these photos, and find little or no grounds for these assertions. Photoshop is the bread and butter of my business, and I know its strengths and weaknesses. Some pictures I’ve seen have been tampered with, but many show no sign of it.

We have plenty of reasons to ask questions. But I would spare people from being misled by false photoshop claims. There is enough real evidence without this waste of time.


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