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Better When We’re Together: Exercise Ideas for Couples

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Better When We’re Together: Exercise Ideas for CouplesAny workout is better when you get to do it with someone else close to you, so what could possibly be better than working out with your spouse or partner? Make it a goal to get active and get healthy together, and you’ll not only spend some great bonding time together, but you’ll also be more likely to stick to your new workout routine.

Studies have shown that married couples (or people in relationships) who work out together are more successful in completing their workout routine than people who choose to work out solo. So grab the love of your life, hit the gym and try out these great couples workout ideas.

Back to Back Squats

This is a simple exercise that can be performed at home or at the gym. All you have to do is stand back to back with your partner, and slowly lower yourselves into squat positions simultaneously, using each others backs for added support on the way down. Repeat fifteen times, maintaining a slow, steady and controlled movement on each repetition.

For an added workout during this exercise, grab a 5- or 10-pound medicine ball. Hold the ball out in front of you with your arms straight, parallel to the ground. Each time you lower into a squat position, twist your torso and bring the ball to one side to hand off to your partner, who will twist around to take it from you. Once you’ve switched possession of the ball, raise yourselves up. As you repeat the squats, repeat the medicine ball handoffs.

The squats are awesome for your glutes and your quads, and adding the medicine ball will work your core, including the hard-to-target oblique muscles that are on the sides of your abdominals.

Partner Sit Ups

Getting tired and bored with your normal old ab workout? Switch it up with your partner by trying this awesome move. One of you lies face up on the floor with your feet flat on the ground, while the other stands about a foot away from the feet of the person on the floor. The exerciser on the floor holds a 5- or 10-pound medicine ball in their hands up over their head.

As you come up into a situp position, throw the ball at your partner who is standing up. They will toss it back down to you before you return to a flat laying position. The trick is in keeping your arms up over your head while using your core to lift your entire body.

It’s more than just a great ab workout – you’ll also start to feel the burn in your arms and shoulders as you lift the ball and toss and catch it. Just be careful not to throw the ball too hard – you don’t want to hurt your partner, you want to help them get stronger (although it can be a great exercise if you’re feeling a little frustrated with each other!).

Side by Side Cardio

You don’t necessarily have to go for a run together or a bike ride, although both of those are great ideas and good ways to get active and healthy together, but try some simple, straight-forward cardio on the machines at your gym, but do it on side by side machines. Simply being close to your significant other will motivate you to work harder.

Plus, by being on separate machines, you can each go your own pace but still push each other. So if you’re a slower runner than him, pick side by side treadmills and run at your own speed. Or, if you prefer to run outdoors, try interval training. It’ll be a perfect compromise for both of you and both of your speeds – sprint for 1 minute, then jog slowly or walk for 1 minute. Repeat for 20 minutes and you’ve got yourself a solid cardio workout.

The same holds true for any group classes the two of you may choose to take together. Spinning is a perfect example of a good class to take together where you can choose bikes that are right next to each other for constant motivation, but you’ll still be able to go at your own speed.

Push Up High Fives

Make push ups fun by doing them with your partner and constantly encouraging each other in the process. Set yourselves up about a foot apart in a plank position. Go down into a push up position, and when you come up, turn your body toward your partner so you’re balanced on one hand. Use your hand that came up to high five your partner before going down for another push up.

The challenge is in both balancing your body and using the strength in your one arm to hold yourself up while you high five your partner. Work one side for one whole set, then switch positions and work the other side for the second set. If you’re up for a third, do half on one side, then switch, and do half on the other.

Push Up/Squat Combinations

This one gets both partners working on different areas of their bodies at the same time. One person gets into a plank position while the other stands at their feet. Take your partner’s (who is in the plank position) feet and hold onto them at about shoulder level. While holding onto their feet, go into a squat position. As you go into the squat, your partner should lower down into a low plank position. You both come up together.

This is great for both of you for a couple of different reasons. First, you actually have to do the repetitions together and at the same time for it to be effective. Secondly, the person doing the squats has some added weight without any additional equipment for extra toning of their quads and glutes. And thirdly, the partner in the plank position gets a more difficult push up with their legs in the air, meaning they are actually pushing more of their own weight with every repetition.

Try New Sports Together

When all else fails, if you can’t find a workout that you enjoy doing with your spouse or partner, consider trying a new sport with them. Think outside the box and more in the direction of mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing or even an entire exercise program like CrossFit.

It will be exciting to learn something new with your partner, plus you’ll still be getting a great workout out of it. Keep exploring until you find something that you both like and that is effective for both of you and you’ll find that working out with your spouse or partner will bring you closer together and be more effective at keeping you on your path toward your workout goals.

Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer and avid workout enthusiast. She recently covered her basement with gym flooring to create a home gym and she loves working out with anyone willing to exercise with her! She encourages everyone to find a partner to work out with if you want better results and tons of motivation.

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