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Better Hitting with an Ankle Weight

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

During my career as a position player, my biggest hitting challenge was controlling my front foot on my stride.  I tended to jump/lunge on the pitch too much.  It was a constant battle.  When I kept my stride foot under control I hit well.  When I couldn’t, I got eaten up rather easily.  Unfortunately, it was not a war I won which is why I was converted into a pitcher after hitting just over .200 in AA.

There were not many things that helped in the long run but one training technique did show promise more than others.  It was an ankle weight.  I used one on my stride leg during soft toss, tee work, and sometimes even full batting practice.  For me, the added weight prevented me from moving the stride foot too much too quickly.  It quieted it down to a more softer stride which also had the benefit of keeping my head still and my weight back longer.  The ankle weight I used is shown here.


This kind of ankle weight allows you to adjust up to 5 pounds by removing or adding the metal bars.  I would decrease the weight as I hit as my foot learned the memory of staying quiet.

I’ve recommended this strategy to players and coaches with positive results.  It may not turn you into a .350 hitter but it is something to add to your tool box of strategies and adjustments.

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