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Better French

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Classic French food is often characterized by words like rich and hearty, fancy and complicated. It can be. And as such, I only have it so often. I've found more than one neobistro serving lighter (and in my opinion, better) alternatives though. A little over a month ago, for instance, Edna, Milsters, and I dined at Restaurant Miroir. better french The bistro itself is tucked into a small side street in Montmartre, just steps away from the gritty Pigale metro. It's otherwise unassuming, but once inside, we found that it was both cozy and sophisticated. And best of all? They serve an 18 lunch menu: a main course, glass of wine, and café gourmand. better french I enjoyed a popover-like amuse bouche, red wine, crusty bread, white fish over celery root purée with garlic yellow beans, and un petit café with chocolate mousse, a brownie bite, and an almond cookie. In addition to lovely company, everything was delicious and fresh, and such a steal for the great price we got it for.  better french Yesterday afternoon, on the other hand, I met my favorite professor for lunch at a simple brasserie. My steak with shallots, a side salad, and potato gratin was tasty, but afterwards, I felt horrible. A sinus pressure headache, chills, and full-body achiness soon followed. By the time my Valentine came over to pick me up for our romantic evening (with flowers, by the way), I was ready to go... but knew I shouldn't. We ended up staying in with dim sum and a movie. I fell asleep early, and didn't eat a thing. Today, I skipped classes and hardly feel 100%. I need to get better soon. My boyfriend and I leave for Rome tonight...

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