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Best Sun Tent For Babies In 2018.

By Mwangi Alex
Best Sun Tent For Babies In 2018.

Having your family at the beach for an afternoon is so much fun. It is even more exciting when you carry your kids along with you therefore you need the best sun tent for babies .

These tents are specifically made to keep the kids protected from too much sun, which is health hazard to them because they are very sensitive.

A baby beach tent will allow your kids to enjoy playing with the sand (which they love so much) and at the same time be safe. It would be really sad if your baby attained sunburns, which could have been avoided by tagging along an infant beach tent. This will automatically make your adventure with your kids at the beach more than just entertaining.

I realized that the market is being saturated with beach tents for babies. However, I have chosen the best sun tents for babies and as you keep reading, you will learn the important details on each hence it will be easier for you to pick your favorite.

Best Beach Tent For Babies.

1. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter.

Summer vacation at the beach with your baby is never better if you don't have a sun tent for babies. You know how hot the sun can get especially in the afternoon.

Best Sun Tent For Babies In 2018.


Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter is a sure deal if you want your kids to have an indelible time the safest way.

It only requires a few seconds to set it up so you don't need any expertise. The three windows allow ventilation while the polyester construction features a waterproof coating for protection on a rainy day.

Its stability in unbeatable, maximized by the three sand pockets along with the stakes and guylines. Don't you think it's worth a try?

  • It is very beautiful.
  • It is light and compact for portability.
    This tent is quite big thus difficult to store.

2. KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed.

Packing KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed for a vacation at the beach or any outdoor activity is an assurance of a comfortable chilling place for your baby.

This best baby tent for beach is fully assembles hence less stressful to get it ready for use.

It is light enough for you to transport during any outdoor travels. Its portability is also enhanced by its ability to fold up thus fitting in a medium travelling bag.

This beach shade for babies has a sleeping pad, which offers optimum comfort as the baby takes a nap. Try it out and you will absolutely be amazed.

  • It offers maximum protection.
  • It has an inbuilt floor to keep the baby safe.

3. Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe.

If you love easily available items, then Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe is the beach tent for you. It features five sand pockets as well as four stakes that keep this baby beach tent standing on a windy day.

Once you are at the beach, setting it up will take approximately a minute, which makes it ideal for use. Packing it is also a blink of an eye once you are ready to leave after a great day at the beach.

Its frame is durable and well ventilated. The floor is waterproof which allows this beach tent for baby to be used during light rains.

  • It is large enough to accommodate two adults.
  • It has inner pockets to store items for the baby.
  • This tent is easy to use and store.
    It is available in only one color hence your baby has no choice.

4. OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent - Portable Sun Shade for Kids.

A beach shade for babies is necessary once you decide to spend your day at the beach with your family.

OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent - Portable Sun Shade for Kids is absolutely a must have for a great day building castles with the sand.

This sun tent for baby will take care of your kid when the rays get too hot. It is resistant to rains as well as winds hence you are assured of a safe stay at the beach or even in a backyard for an outdoor event.

It can also act as a changing room because the built-in zippered door enhances privacy.

  • It is so easy to carry around.
  • You can easily set it up for use.
  • It is very spacious.

5. Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent.

Having a uv tent for baby is necessary for outdoor activities therefore consider purchasing Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent.

No assembly is required as the inner structure is already set up thus you are sure of an easy way to start your day at the beach.

This best sun tent for babies is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. The four meshed openings featured in this tent enhance ventilation at all times while the polyester fabric is waterproof to keep the inside as dry as possible.

  • It is very convenient.
  • It features an inflatable mat for comfort.

6. EasyGo Shelter Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella Tent.

For those looking for large beach tents for babies, EasyGo Shelter Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella Tent should be your choice. It stands at 48 inches and it is 96 inches wide, which allows it to accommodate four people comfortably.

It has an opening on one side, which makes it easy for one to get in and out of the tent. It also enhances aeration while the baby is playing inside. The inner side is covered with silver for UV protection.

There is no assembly required to set this baby pop up beach tent since the steel structure is already set up.

  • It is large hence spacious for the kids.
  • This best baby tent for beach is very easy to assemble.
  • It offers optimum sun protection to at least four kids at a go.
    Apart from the opening, there are no other vents for air circulation.

7. Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade.

Whether you are looking for beach tents for babies or just a sun tent for babies to use even at your backyard, Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade is here for you.

It is made of high quality materials, which enable it to withstand harsh weather conditions thus optimizing durability.

It features a front awning that provides an extra shade for those who do not fit in the tent. Your small items, which include snacks, can be stored in the meshed inner pockets while the sand pockets ensure that it remains stable when the winds blow strongly.

  • It is very spacious.
  • This beach tent is lightweight hence easy to carry around.
    It is a little heavier than most baby beach tents.

Buying Guide For The Best Sun Tent For Babies.

As there are many baby beach tents available in the market, it gets hard for parents to settle down for one particular best sun tent for babies.

Below are some of the factors you should put into consideration before you choose any beach tents for babies.

As you all know, a good infant beach tent should be light. This is because you do not need that hustle of carrying around a heavy tent to the beach.

This is a major factor to look at once you want baby beach tents. The bigger the tent, the better it is. This is because it will accommodate more kids and even adults.

You want to go and have fun whether at the beach or even your backyard. Ensure that the beach shade for babies is easy to set up and also to bring down.

Sometimes you might encounter windy days at the beach. So how stable is the uv beach tent for baby? Check out the poles as well as other features that enhance stability.

This is a very crucial thing to take into account. The best sun tent for babies must be well ventilated to prevent suffocation.

Some beach tents for babies have a floor while others don't. It depends on whether you want your kid to play with the sand.

This determines the durability of the baby pop up beach tent. Go for high quality material for a long lasting baby beach tent.

This depends on your budget. Go for the sun tent for babies that are within your budget.


The best sun tent for babies is important to keep your baby protected when the sun is too hot for them to handle. Having featured some of the best tents above, it is now your turn to grab your favorite and enjoy the stay with your baby at the beach.

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