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Best RV Accessories – 41 Must-have List For Camper

Posted on the 22 April 2020 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

You have already heard it a million times that your RV serves as your second home. And just like the tools and devices you can't live without in your home, there are a bunch of accessories that are an absolute necessity if you want to have a smooth stay in your RV.

We had the opportunity to interview numerous seasoned RVers as well as scout various RV forums and communities. And they all seem to agree that the following list of the best RV accessories is a must-have for a safe, comfortable, and pleasant RVing life.

PS: To make things for you to comprehend, we have organized this list into various categories as shown below...

Safety and Hygiene:

1. Safety Kit and Assorted Safety Stuff

Anything can happen when you are out on the road, so be prepared. For instance, you could scald yourself while cooking or get a bleeding nose when you step too hard on the brakes unexpectedly and bang your nose on the steering wheel.

That's why you must carry a first aid kit, a reflective vest (in case of road emergency), and life vests (mainly for your kids)

2. Auto Sewer Flush Valve

This is one of the must-have essentials you need on your RV. It is for flushing out the black tank, preventing clog up. Keeping both the black and grey tanks clean is essential. The flush valve makes the whole process easier. We won't go into the details, but you get the picture.

RV Furniture and Comforts:

6. Folding Step Stool

Every house needs a stepping stool, even a house on four wheels. It's just one of those practical things to have around because sooner or later you will surely need it. For instance, when you are looking for something stored in one of the high cabinets.

A stepping stool is also great for when you are cleaning the RV, and you want to reach the really high spots.

7. RV Patio Mat

Living in an RV is like living in the outdoors, but taking your house around with you. You don't want to bring dirt into your home, do you? Even if you are okay with coming into the RV with dirt, you would probably want to show your guests that your house is a clean one.

The patio mat serves that purpose. Guests won't track dirt into your motor home when they come in.

Furthermore, if you park on a paved spot, you can lay out the patio mat and walk barefoot upon it.

8. Chairs and Hammocks

Bring along some camping chairs and hammocks, because you will definitely need them. These are great for when you are sitting together as a group over a meal and sharing stories. They are part of what makes the trip memorable.

9. Oscillating Fan

Hot, stuffy, sweaty summer afternoons can ruin an entire trip. Having a fan around is a great way to clean up the air and bring in some breeze and freshness to make you feel comfortable.

10. RV Awning

One of the main pleasures of going camping is relaxing outside in the breeze and sun. An awning is perfect for the purpose because it gives you shade, blocking intense sunlight and rain. You can sit under the awning and simply enjoy the day.

11. Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Eating at a table has a way of bringing people together, especially a family. Eating together at a table outdoors is even more special. A proper camping table is, therefore, a must-have. Being foldable makes the table easy to store in your trailer.

Fire and Lighting:

12. Headlamps/Flashlight

Though you have candles or some other source of light for the RV, flashlights are absolutely essential. If you have to step away from your RV in the middle of the night, a flashlight is the best for helping you see where you are going.

If you are very active in the outdoors at night, for instance, if you brought a dog and it keeps wandering off at night, a headlamp is the best option. They are also great for when you have to do some nighttime repairs.

Basic Repair and Maintenance:

15. Minor Repair Gear

As with any vehicle, the RV will sooner or later have some complications in the course of your camping trip. It is, therefore, imperative that you have some tools around to ensure you can fix some of the problems that crop up. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is not fun at all.

Don't leave your tool kit at home. Remember to also bring work gloves, duct tape, a shovel, a small ax, cordless drill, and silicone rescue tape.

You will also need electrical tape, wire connectors, and fuses for electrical repairs.

16. Extra Cords and Hoses

It's always good to stay on the safe side. The advantage a trailer has over regular camping is you have enough storage space. That means you can take every extra precaution. Carry an extra extension code, an additional water hose, an extra sewer hose, and so forth. In case an incident happens, and you need a new one fast, you will be able to save yourself time and money.

17. Wheel Chock

You have parked somewhere, and for a moment, you think everything is alright. Unfortunately, the place is slightly slanted. If some pressure is applied on the RV, the tires start rolling, causing the RV to move from the parking spot.

Wheel chocks are great accessories for preventing that. They act as wedges that ensure the tires don't roll out of place.

They are pretty easy to set up - just wedge a wheel chock or two under each tire.

19. Portable Air Compressor

Flat tires are to be expected on the road. An air compressor is, therefore, a must-have tool for topping off a spare tire when a roadside emergency happens.

If you have a bicycle with you, the air compressor will also be useful for filling the bicycle's tires.

Go for a compressor that can administer up to 150 psi of pressure.

Supportive Technology:

20. Dashboard Camera

You never know when you might get involved in a crash, so it's always a good idea to have a dash cam installed in your RV. If this happens, your dashboard camera will record everything which gives

Besides, having a camera is fun as you can take cool videos of your road trip or road life. Dashboard cameras are a fun must-have for not just your RV, but your regular car as well.

21. Tablet

Nowadays, RV owners and campers prefer tablets to laptops and PCs. A tablet is lightweight and compact. It does not consume too much space. A lot of the things you can do on a laptop are doable on a tablet too.

You can use it as a library where you store thousands of books. Use it to search for great recipes to try out during the camping trip. Use it as a mapping system, photo album, internet browser, music player, or simply to watch movies.

22. GPS System

Gone are the days when travelers used to navigate using the stars. Now, everything is simpler and you don't need to rely so much on your memory. Technology makes everything much easier. A GPS system will help you navigate and ensure you don't get lost.

A good GPS system will give you access to maps when you are online as well as when you are offline. You want a GPS that is able to customize routes using your RV's size and weight.

23. Mini Solar Device Charger

Just because you are camping doesn't mean you are doing away with modern conveniences. You still need your phone, laptop, and other devices.

To keep these devices running, you have to keep charging them. A solar device charger is an inexpensive way to do that.

So long as the sun is out, you are going to have power, and at zero cost. This beats having to stop at coffee shops or diners to charge your phone.

24. RV Satellite Dish

Camping and roughing it in the outdoors is fun, but it's also nice to enjoy some creature comforts. With an RV satellite dish, you can watch TV while you are camping. Just make sure you don't spend all your time watching TV when you could be out enjoying nature.

25. RV Solar Charging System

Camping is all about minimalism and self-reliance. However, you still need power for things like charging your phone, laptop, and any other devices.

If you are camping in the summer, you have access to the energy of the sun, which you can harness as solar power. This will enable you to pick your own parking spot because you don't have to rely on RV park or campground power.

You could, of course, use a generator, but solar power is a) cheaper, and b) better for the environment.

27. Weather Radio

Being on the road is an unpredictable experience. It's always good when you can predict some things, like the weather, because that helps you plan accordingly. That's why a weather radio is so useful. Without one, you might easily find yourself caught out in a storm.

28. Data Storage Device

Even if you are going off-grid, you will still need to carry your sensitive information with you. An emergency could come up out of the blue, and you don't have the time to go back home. That's why you need a storage device with you, like an encrypted USB thumb drive.

30. Cell Phone Signal Booster

It goes without saying that being out of touch with the rest of the world isn't something many of us enjoy. Unless you are keen on going off-grid or doing a digital detox, you will want to bring along a cell phone signal booster. It comes in handy when you find yourself in areas that have a weak cell phone signal.

RV Kitchen Accessories:

31. Indoor Cooking Tools

Cooking for yourself is much better than relying on takeout or eating canned food. Carry the necessary cooking tools. For instance, you can purchase an oven, RV stove, skillet, among other essential cooking tools. You should also not forget utensils like spoons, cups, plates, and so forth.

32. Outdoor Stove and Ovens

There is just something about food cooked in the open air on a campfire. It's one of the things that makes camping memorable, so you should definitely not leave behind your outdoor stove and ovens.

33. Serving Tray for Dining Outdoors

If you cook lunch in the RV kitchen, but you prefer to enjoy it outside under the shade of a tree, how do you carry the food? A serving tray is great for that purpose. Load it up with the plates of food and take it outside.

34. Portable Meat Smoker

There is something about the outdoors - you get a craving for barbecue. With a portable meat smoker, you can smoke, grill, roast, bake, fry, or boil all sorts of tasty meat.

A mobile meat smoker comes in handy if your RV doesn't have enough storage space for a grilling unit.

37. Micro Blender

Smoothies are a great way to keep yourself healthy while on the road. Smoothies are rich in nutrients and fiber. With a blender on board, you can make smoothies and sources from fruits and veggies.

This comes in handy when you are driving and don't have the time to stop to eat something. Just drink up a rich, thick smoothie. It will make you feel full.

In case you lack storage space, a micro blender is the best option. Otherwise, you can get a regular size blender.

38. Portable Ice Cube Maker

On those hot, summer afternoons, when your shirt or top is clinging to your chest and back, an ice-cold drink feels like Christmas. Instead of going to the general store for ice, why not purchase a portable ice cube maker and make your own ice. A good one will pump as many as 50 lbs. of ice daily.

Alternative Transport:

40. Bicycles

Sitting in the RV all the time can get monotonous. Having a bike or two on board is a great way to break the monotony, to cycle and get some good exercise and fresh air.

A bicycle also has a practical use. For instance, if your RV gets stranded somewhere because of mechanical problems, you can get on your bike and ride to the nearest town to get help.

A bicycle is also great for doing errands.

If you are worried that you don't have storage space on your RV, foldable bicycles are an option.

41. Biking Hitch Rack

Biking is a fun thing to do on a camping trip. Instead of bringing just one bike, you can bring bikes for everyone, so you can all go cycling together and have a blast. A hitch rack is a great storage device for bikes. A hitch rack will typically have the capacity to carry up to about 4 or 5 bikes.

Final Verdict

Just like your home, staying in your RV gets better when you have the right tools and accessories at hand. You get to enjoy the freedom and wildness of the outdoors while at the same time maintaining the modern comforts. With these 41 accessories, you can rest assured that you'll have a comfortable and safe stay in your RV.

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