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Best Outfield Drills for Indoors

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

A few weeks ago I gave a seminar at a Philadelphia area coaches clinic.  The topic was “An indoor/outdoor  approach to developing outfielders.”  I basically explained that in the colder states, the weather early on in the season forces teams to do a lot of practicing indoors.  Pitchers, hitters, fielders, and even base runners can get a lot of work done indoors but often it’s the outfielders that get screwed.  My seminar was an attempt to show how coaches can very easily give outfielders plenty of work in a typical sized gym.

If you have been a subscriber to the site, you probably received the following link that I emailed out to you a week or two ago (By the way, that’s one advantage of becoming a subscriber – you get things first).  The link takes you to a document that I created to go along with the seminar.  It provides 10 drills that can be easily done indoors for outfielders.

If you need to put more time into your outfielders, whether indoor or out, here are 10 drills that can help.

Know any others?



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