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Best On Page Optimization SEO Techniques for Better Rankings

Posted on the 14 January 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Keywords are the most crucial part of a blog that makes it more visible when searched online via a search engine. If you want to see in the top ranks in a search engine first page result then you have to ponder on the search engine optimization techniques.

When it comes to best SEO techniques there are common factors to be brought in knowledge. They are:

1. On page optimization
2. Off page optimization
3. Content Marketing
4. SMO (Social Marketing Optimization)

Onpage SEO - Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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Onpage SEO technique involves amendment of the blogs by following typical methods to make them optimized with the search engines. The main motive is rank among the top pages in the search engine results.

SEO techniques will involve formatting the article in such a way that the search engines can easily select the target keywords for better result outputs. Focus keywords when picked more than long tail word lists the amount of traffic increases. The most important factor onpage optimization is relevant keyword sets and internal links. Another on page SEO technique is adding a couple of videos might increase the visit time and number in your blog.

* Blog Title

Top onpage optimization techniques to follow for top rankings

* URL Design

Onpage optimization has a learning curve. But when figured out eventually it can be the best tool which will bring you attention you need for your blog.

* Heading Tags

The first among the SEO tips that comes in mind when an article is to be optimised with the search engines is the title. Try to find out the most targeted keywords by research. The phrase has to be used in the beginning of the title tag.

* Density of keywords

Aim to use the target phrase in the beginning of the blog URL too. The link structure must be free from special characters and brackets.

* Meta Tags

Heading tags are used to highlight titles, subheads and points which are important part of the article. Repeating the tags is not a good practice for search engine optimization.

* Image Alt Tag

The keyword density should not be more than 1.5%. Main keywords must be used twice in the beginning and at the end of the article. Highlighting keywords by bold, italic letter or underlines is important for on page optimization.

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Targeted keywords must be used in the meta-description for on page SEO. 160 characters is the limit for meta-description tag length including spaces.

* Content interlink

Adding images and optimizing them is a good on page optimization to get more traffic. Get more SEO traffic through image optimization.

* Mobile Optimization

Well I think more than word count a proper story and theme is important. Share the conclusion of the story. But apart from this articles should be minimum 700 words with good information and research. The content should be competitive and engaging.

Interlinking with other post of your blog add good value and visitors spend extra time in your blog. Always find low competitive and high searches keywords for interlinking. Try out and it would be the best SEO practise in 2016.

* Genuine Profile

Why are you making mobile site individually? Oh instead of this you should make responsive website. And try out to make mobile app about your business. That will definitely increase the number of users and traffic on your website. If you are using wordpress or magneto then you can find best premium responsive theme as per your business. Ot you can use seo friendly and responsive Free wordpress theme.

* Guest Post

Off Page SEO Tips for 2016

* Forums

No need to make fake email id and start link building, always use domain registered email id and make backlinks from high authority sites, blog, news site, discussion, and comments.

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I know you are very much aware about spam things in SEO, Guest post is not spamming link building SEO practice. It is up to you how to use it and promote your service and brand. Basically this is good brand awareness SEO practice. Also you can find high quality guest blogging sites for 2016.

* Video Marketing

Relevant content, products and services are important in SEO. But if you do forums submission just to make link building then no one gives you quality backlins for your website and blog. Believe me forums are the best way to get dofollow backlinks in 2016. I am using my profile since from 2010 and still make discussion on relevant topics only. You can find list of forums to increase dofollow backlinks in 2016.

HD graphics is the best SEO trends and strategy in 2016, Share your information through graphics will make your string brand awareness and gives you dofollow bakclinks as well. You can find best infographics sites and get dofollow backlinks.

Video marketing would be great thing for 2016 in an Internet Marketing. What do you think? You should try out to make a YouTube channel and viral your YouTube video to get more social traffic on your website. You can check out my recent youtube video to Download Youtuve Video

Things to be done must

Check your Website Traffic & Domain Ranking

SEO tips that must be followed includes proper placement of keywords in title, permalink, first and last paragraph, Alt Tag of images and should be bolded or differentiated from the content. On page SEO is a delicate but strong technique. Following all the factors will make your article fortified and ensures success.

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What is your content marketing strategy for 2016, get more info about content marketing.

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Best On Page Optimization SEO Techniques for Better Rankings

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