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Best Jobs For People Who Are Creative

Posted on the 16 April 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Would you classify yourself as creative? Do you find yourself confined by the structure of a typical 9 to 5 job? Do you dread the idea of being boxed into a cubicle?

Creative people need jobs that hone their attention, interests, and skills. If this sounds like you, here are some great career options you should consider.

Hair and beauty

While working in the cosmetics industry may not be something you have previously thought about, people who work in hair and beauty are extremely creative. They get to help people change their appearance and inspire self-confidence. This industry is very social, so if you like experimenting with different things and talking to like-minded people, consider a job as a hair-dresser, make-up artist, or everything in between.

Journalism and writing

As one of the more obvious outlets for creative minds, writing can be both personal and social. Journalism and writing offer a means for creative type who cannot easily express themselves out loud. Journalism has the potential to be different to other forms of writing because it offers a chance to engage more obviously with other people and events to find a way to express a story.

Marketing and events

Many creative people work as promoters of certain products and services. In marketing, imagination is key because you need to understand people, the product and how to get people to become interested in the product. Marketers often promote and plan events in which they have to create visually stimulating and entertaining arenas to sell a product.

Photography and film

A lot of the time, creative people are often the most shy. As a creative type, you probably enjoy staying behind the scenes and expressing yourself in ways that do not involve much speaking. Enter the world of photography and film. Photography is a great escape for shy creative people who wish to see the world differently and engage with people on different levels. The same is true for filmmakers who are happy to provide the words for others to speak to the world.

Home design: in and out

Other jobs for creative types can include helping people to decorate their homes and backyards. This creative industry allows you to work with your hands while also creating and allowing others to collaborate with you. Home design is often interpreting someone’s ideas in a way that is practical and cost-effective. You can use your imagination to build and design products that people can use for years to come.


Performance based jobs are the epitome of creativity. When you perform, you use your whole body to create. You interpret and change yourself to become something else. While performance based jobs are harder to find and sometimes harder to maintain, the driving factor is passion. Those who adopt a performance based job often find themselves drawn to other creative roles at the same time.

Some industries require a little training while others will likely require fairly extensive study. For the latter, groups like Careers Australia offer a range of qualifications and training that can help you begin your new career. It’s just up to you to put your career plans in motion!

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