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{Best Interests, Part Deux}

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
I've been informed that I misquoted in my last post so I thought I should correct myself. Apparently the kids dad never said those words and to say he'd never introduce a girlfriend to the kids is 'ludicrous'. Which is exactly what I thought at the time when he said it... I knew he'd never stick to that & thought it was insane that he'd make such a strong statement as I was certain he'd change his mind when he met the right person. What I've now been told is that he said he'd never introduce someone to them unless it was in their best interests.
Anyway, looks like I'll be going to the littlest's birthday gathering without R. The ex is still saying that it's not appropriate and basically it's all about me wanting to 'make a statement about my relationship'. Which is not the case but I'm just going to leave it at that. I've said my piece & he's said his. My sister is allowed to join us, but R is not welcome. Not really sure what the logic is for this, but the main priority is the littlest & I know she'll have a great time.
What I have found through Twitter responses to my post are a number of useful resources for separated parents in similar situations to me, such as, (where you can create a Parenting Plan online) and Tonnes of articles, videos etc with advice on parenting/relationship issues. 
My dad & his wife and my sister are going to be staying with us at various points over my weekend (that's me off work until Monday, part-timer that I am!) so we have a couple of days of family meals, playing in the garden (fingers crossed the sun comes back out!) & movie nights etc to look forward to. I've also scheduled in a few play dates. Lots on to keep us entertained! Roll on the weekend :)
{Best Interests, Part Deux}A little birthday gift I got for my girl...a princess necklace for her to keep for when she's a bit older, bought from Cloudy Blue in Aberdeen. And it will hopefully be beautiful teamed with the jointed silver teddy bear necklace I bought her for her first birthday.

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