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Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

Posted on the 13 February 2019 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

If and only if you can display much more interactive feeds to the 800 million plus users of Instagram, you will be able to make a better presence in the digital landscape. Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networks in the world. It is due to its useful features that have enabled it to have a social stranglehold on large number of industries that ranges from art and fashion to music, and from cooking to health and fitness. Today i am writing about the best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress. The Useful WordPress Instagram Plugins To Display Interactive Feeds. I will be glad if this article will be helpful for my all readers. Keep sharing your thoughts below in the comment box.

Most of the companies in today's markets rely on and use Instagram extensively to showcase their products and service by using bright and vibrant photographs in high resolution. This allows these companies to establish an instant and strong connection with their users beyond and above Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

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One of the primary reasons that Instagram has become such an exceptional tool for different business brands is that it is simple and easy to use. Due to its simplicity, you can use almost any photo that you take with your phone. Apart from that the other useful features of Instagram are:

 You can add a beautiful filter
 Post the photos online easily without having to connect to a computer
 The format is faster than any other social networks
 It makes every image look creative as well as professional at the same time.

Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

Therefore, if you or your business already have an Instagram account, it will be a shame as well as a huge loss in the number of traffic to your WordPress site if you do not use the Instagram content on your website. Luckily, you have a plethora of top class WordPress Instagram plugins that will help you to achieve your desired result almost as easily as the Instagram platform itself. If you are new and do not much of their use, you are requested to take help of Gramblast or other such professional experts to get more likes in your Instagram account and followers in your WordPress website.

Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

The point behind

The main point behind posting your Instagram photos on your WordPress website is that these Instagram photos are often far more vibrant and intriguing than the standard website photos.

Therefore, you will not only make your website impressive but using the Instagram photos you can also add a touch of excitement to your business brand.

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Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to moderate the Instagram content from one place. There are different users as well as business owners that lookat their websites quite regularly. You can respond to their comments and as well as set you pictures without having to leave your site using one of the many WordPress Instagram plugins.

That means you will also have the opportunity to push UGC or User Generated Contents to your Instagram. This way you can ask for pictures of your product that are in use around the world and even use pictures that are near your store. All these pictures then get sent to your website easily and automatically for the new customers to see.

By this you will have a lot of benefits:

 The Instagram feed on your website will increase the traffic as well as the engagement level
 New photos will make the users stick around with your website for longer thereby increases the chances of a conversion into prospective clients and
 Visitors to your website will never have to follow you on Instagram which will provide you inevitably with an opportunity to increase your Instagram follower count.

These are a few of the plenty of reasons to get the Instagram feed on your company website working. Irrespective of the type of your business whether it is just managing a retail store or a global e-Commerce brand, you will be able to give your followers a multiple of highquality photos through Instagram.

This is a start way to utilize your followership to improve your website traffic and eventually make your social strategy very much stronger.It will also help you to cut down the search and cost. You simply have to decide which plugin fits your brand the best.

Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

Features of the plugins

When you select the WordPress Instagram plugins make sure you know and look at the features of each to choose the right one. Once you start using the right kind of plugin, you will recognize the dozens, if not hundreds, options that exist. It should ideally have the following:

 More stylish and fully managed controls
 Proper shield and security
 Merging lines to represent free migrations
 Right chevrons to representserver speed
 Circular arrow with a center dot to representbackups for daily use

 Offset hexagons to represent specific server stack which is essential for a Google cloud platform.
 Also check out the plans when you choose.

Some of the best WordPress Instagram plugins that you can use in 2019 are as follows:

 Instagram Feed
 WD Instagram Feed
 WP Instagram Widget
 Instagram Gallery
 Instagram Feed for WordPress Instagram Gallery
 Instagram Widget by WPZOOM
 Feed Them Social
 Instagram Slider Widget
 Instagram Widget for Instagram and WordPress
 Instagram Theater
 Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

All these have different attributes and functionality which you should also check out for. Apart from that you must know a few other facts that make these plugins some of the best ones in the industry. Most of these do not need any payment for the base plugin but you can also use the premium version as well at an affordable cost.

Often these will help you to customize so that it can adopt the style of the website, control the width, choose columns, and also change around the order of the photos. These plugins enable the entire feed to remain smaller and therefore will not slow down your site and at the same time enable people to see everything if they wish to.


All these plugins come with some powerful tools that will help you to gain more control. The custom CSS module will help you to customize and build your Instagram follower count.

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Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress

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