Best Gas Geyser in India

Posted on the 06 February 2021 by Mchau123

In this post, we will talk about the best gas geyser in India.

So, If you planning to buy a gas geyser online? Or need some kind of help to select a geyser? If your answer is yes, then no doubt this post is helpful for you.

Gas geysers are a good option for people who stay in rural areas or where irregular electric supply. Another good point, gas geysers are economical than electric geysers.

How does a gas geyser work?

Different parts of gas geyser

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Flow sensor
  • Burner
  • Fan
  • Valve
  • gas geyser inlet-outlet pipes

Now, let’s know how they work to provide hot water-there is a water flow sensor that is placed at the inlet water pipe. As the tap on, water will come through the inlet pipe, and at the same time sensor detects the water flow and turn ON the geyser. In simpler words, the geyser starts working when you open the tap or shuts down when you close the tap.

As the geyser turns ON, burner ignition starts, burners are placed just below the heat exchanger, heat exchanger use the heat energy to heat the water. All we know copper is a good conductor of heat, hence to achieve maximum energy transformation, heat exchangers are made with copper.

Burner and heat exchanger are the two main parts of a gas geyser. There are many types of geysers based on the energy source like LPG gas geyser, PNG gas geyser, electric geyser and solar geyser.

Gas geysers are very easy to operate, most geysers have 3 control knobs on the front panel- to set the gas usage, to maintain temperature and the last to select winter or summer mode. At the time of installation all these settings are done, after then no need to change the setting.

Your geyser will automatically turn ON when you open the tap or turn OFF when you close the tap, isn’t it simple and easy. There is no magic it’s all possible just because of flow sensors as I mentioned above gas geysers have flow sensor that detects water flow and turn ON/OFF the geyser respectively.

Top 5 Best Gas Geyser in India

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater 

Bajaj has a good brand value in the market. This LPG  gas geyser has a storage capacity of 6 liters. Bajaj provides 2 years warranty from the date of purchase. This Bajaj Majesty Duetto same model is also available in PNG geysers.

Its 6-liter capacity makes it the best geyser for kitchen use. Also, good purchase for a family of 2-3 people.

You need an LPG connection and 2 cells (3V DC cell).  There is a need to change the cells after 3 months if you are using it on regular basis.

The geyser body is made with anticorrosive steel and an extra powder coating is done to make it stronger and durable.

The inlet water sensor is capable to detect low water flow that ensures low water flow doesn’t affect the performance of the geyser.

It comes with 3 safety features- overheating protection, dry heat protection, flame failure protection that give the assurance of user safety and geyser longevity.

If you buy this water heater, no need to pay extra installation charges, as Bajaj provides free installation. For more information, you can dial customer care No.- 1800 102 5963 / 022-41280000.


Best Gas Geyser in India

2. Longway Xolo Smart 7 Water Heater Geyser

In our list of best gas geyser, the second position goes to Longway Xolo Water geyser. This is a 7 liter instant ISI certified LPG gas geyser. It is suitable for both small families and large families.

The outer body is made with a powder-coated metal that makes it durable and rust-free, metal body assures the long life of the geyser and powder coating protects it from rusting, so perfect for a humid environment.

The copper heat exchanger and rapid heating technology give the assurance, you will never run out of hot water. It has the capacity to provide 7 liters of water per minute.

If we see from the user safety point of view, this is a good choice, point one it is ISI certified geyser, and second is it comes with 5 safety features- cut out, safety valve, flame failure protection, 20 minute timer and auto shut off.

Its rapid technology works very well, within a minute you will get the hot water.

Longway gives you 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Longway Xolo Smart LPG instant water heater geyser

Best Gas Geyser in India

3. V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

Here we have a V-Guard Safeflo Plus Gas geyser,  V-Guard has a good brand value in the market.

The geyser outer body is made with metal that makes it strong and sturdy, a powder coating is done over the metal surface to avoid rusting. So, no need to worry about the geyser durability. And one more important thing that makes your buying decision easy. V-Guard provides 2 years warranty.

This is ISI certified geyser, compatible only with LPG, not with PNG. Same like other gas geysers, it comes with all essential safety features and auto-ignition system. To assure extra safety, a double solenoid valve is provided to avoid any mishappening.

The front panel has 3 control knobs- for winter/summer selection, for gas flow control and one for water pressure adjustments. ON/OFF button is also equipped on the front panel. The copper heat exchanger gives the assurance of faster heating, as copper is a good conductor of heat.

This gas geyser is suitable for high rise building. It has a 20 minutes timer, it cuts the gas flow after 20 minutes.

The geyser weight is around 6Kg and dimensions are 53.2 x 37 x 19.4 cm. Either you are planning to buy a geyser for your kitchen or bathroom, it is a good pick for both places.

If your kitchen is small in that case avoid gas geysers and go for electric instant geysers as they are available in small size and do not require extra space for a gas cylinder. Instant geysers are available from 1-10 liters size range.

V-Guard 6L Safeflo Prime Gas geyser

Best Gas Geyser in India

4. Racold LED LPG Gas Instant 5 Liter Vertical Water Heater

Next we have Racold Instant geyser, Racold is a very popular brand for geysers. This instant 5 liters LPG gas geyser is suitable for a family of 3-4 members. Racold provides 2 years warranty on their geysers.

Like others, this geyser also has 3 knobs to adjust settings-

  • to control gas flow
  • to control water flow
  • to control the number of flames

Don’t confuse with ist and third knob, both serve a different function, ist for control the gas, it means by rotating knob you can increase or decrease the gas flow (flames remains constant) while by using the third knob you can increase or decrease the number of flames (gas flow remains same).

The good thing about this geyser, it displays the temperature in digits. If you feel the temperature is too high or low, use the gas flow control knob to decrease or increase respectively.

The company claims that this is 85% heating efficient, which means more hot water in less fuel.

If we see from a safety point of view, this is quite good. It has a child lock safety mechanism, double solenoid valve, inbuilt gas leak safety system and overprotection feature. All these things make it a reliable geyser for your home.

In your area, if water flow is low, then you can invest in this gas geyser.

Racold LPG gas instant 5 liter water heater

Best Gas Geyser in India

5. Longway Decora LPG Instant Water Heater Geyser

The geyser has a capacity of 7 liters, this is suitable for a family of 3-7 members. This is ISI certified and only compatible with LPG.

The geyser comes with overheat protection or dry protection, when the temperature exceeds 95° C it automatically cut the gas supply, this way we can see it saves unnecessary usage of fuel.

Same model I installed at my home, the geyser is working well, quality-wise and safety-wise also this is one of the best gas geysers in India.

It comes with 5 safety features- auto shut off, overheat protection, dry protection, safety valve and flame failure device. It has a heavy-duty copper heat exchanger that gives you hot water within a minute. I love this thing about gas geysers turn on the tap and within a minute you will get hot water, hardly wait for 20 seconds and hot water starts coming.

There are 3 different control knobs to control water flow, gas flow and to select winter/summer mode. This is very simple and easy to use. At the time of installation, adjust the settings once, then no need to change the settings.

You will get 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

For any other query, you can call on customer care no.- 8750593593 (10 am to 6 pm).

Longway Decora 7 liter LPG gas geyser

Best Gas Geyser in India

These are some best gas geysers in India that have good brand value. All these are available on Amazon.

Most people do not recommend gas geysers, just because of safety issues. But if you take the necessary precautions, then I don’t think you have any problems. I am saying this because at our home, we are using gas geyser and until now there is no problem. Below I mention few things that should take care of if you buy a gas geyser-

  1. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated.
  2. To avoid any mishappening, its better to place a cylinder outside the bathroom.
  3. Make sure your LPG hose pipe is of good quality. It should be flame resistant or steel wire reinforced so that there is no fear of leakage, also rats can’t bite steel.

Gas geyser is a good choice if you are staying in rural areas because it doesn’t require electricity to operate.

Also, gas geysers are economical than electric geysers.

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