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Best Facials in India for Glowing Skin

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Facials are a great way to revitalize your skin and they take your beauty routine to another level. Don’t you feel refreshed after getting a deep cleansing facial done?

They are great for helping your skin look and feel better. It is truly a form of self-care for some people. But there are different types of facials available in the market these days. It is tricky to find the perfect facial that suits your skin and exactly what you need. The first step is to know your skin type and what your skin needs, let’s make it easier for you:

  1.   Skin Type: Normal to Dry
    A deep cleansing facial that includes deep washing, steam treatment, and hydrating massage can help eliminate excess debris for normal to dry skin. Using a hydrating serum or a moisturizing mask can do wonders.
  2.   Skin Type: Combination
    Combination skin tends to break out with the use of oily skin products and it gets drier if harsh products have been used. It is essential to understand that one should use gentle products while dealing with combination skin.
  3. Skin Type: Oily
    Choose a facial that includes natural extracts, focuses on deep cleaning and extraction, toning, a face mask, and a protective serum for oily skin. Excess oils will be removed, pores will be shrunk, and the skin will be softened.
  4. Skin Type: Sensitive
    Choose a facial with products that hydrate and calm the skin. Do not go for exfoliating facials and AHAs for sensitive skin because they can irritate the skin furthermore.

Lotus Professional offers a wide range of facials that can solve all skin-related problems. These are a few of many

Best Facials in India for Glowing Skin 

For Dull Skin

  • There are endless options to choose from according to your preferences and needs, they have Glowdermie facial, Goldsheen facial, instafair facial, Ultimo Gold facial, Dermospa Japanese Sakura facia, 4 Layers Advanced Whitening Facial, etc.
  • GLOWDERMIE FACIAL: This facial gives glow, shine, and brilliance to the complexion. It can help lighten and even out the skin tone.
  • GOLDSHEEN FACIAL: This facial incorporates actives for instant gold-like luster. This treatment also exfoliates the skin of spots, blemishes, and dead cells, and at the same time smoothens out wrinkles.
  • ULTIMO GOLD FACIAL: This skin-transforming treatment penetrates 24 Karat Gold to the skin’s deepest layer, accelerates cell renewal, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and promotes the clearance of stagnant melanin to brighten the skin. The energy inherent in pure gold can help revive the skin, and also gives it a fresh and healthy complexion.

Best Facials in India for Glowing Skin 

For Acne-Prone Skin

ACNEX Facial: It is formulated with plant extracts that help control skin infection without being an irritant to the skin. They root out skin infections. It helps disinfect the area keeping the skin clean for a longer period of time.

Skin with Blemishes and Pigmentation:

  • ADVANCED PAPAYA MARMALADE FACIAL: It can help fade out dark patches, treats sun spots and freckles, and guarantees a blemish-free skin
  • DIPIGMENTONE FACIAL: It helps fade out freckles, lighten, and even out skin tone. It can help reduce hyperpigmentation.

 For Tanned Skin

LACTO DeTan: It is an effective blend of carrot, licorice, and biotic extracts which start working on the skin instantly and helps remove tanning. They renew damaged skin cells to remove sun tan and spots and eventually even out the skin tone to reveal radiant and glowing skin.

Aging and Fine Lines

  • 4 LAYER ADVANCED ANTI-AGEING FACIAL: It contains natural active ingredients that can help with elasticity and hydration of the skin, and reduces fine lines and blemishes. It is a deep cleansing facial that can give results that last long, leaving you with radiant youthful skin.
  • ADVANCED KIWI FRUIT MARMALADE FACIAL: Kiwi repairs collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It can be ideal for people who lead a hectic life and has a busy lifestyle.

Best Facials in India for Glowing Skin 

It is crucial to take care of your skin just like other parts of your body. We live in such a fast-paced world, that it gets difficult to give time to your skin. Facials are a terrific way to revive your skin while improving blood circulation. For people with skin issues like anti-aging and acne, their skin will thank them in the future. Regular facials are a key to clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin throughout the year.

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