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Best Ever Waffle Cookie

By Ally @allykitchen

When you need a quick impressive dessert, then serve up this warm waffle cookie with anything from melted chocolate to ice cream!

Cookie Wafers

Wafers are thin cookies. When bite into them cookie wafers are full of crunch and crispy! And, they're absolutely perfect to finish off a delicious dinner or meal.


Pizzelles are crispy crunchy cookies made with a waffle iron! Originating in Italy in the 19th century, these not-to-sweet cookies are perfect for toppings from sprinkles to ice cream. And, you can make your own version of pizzells at home using my waffle cookie recipe!

Thin Waffle Cookies

Thin waffle cookies are so easy to make. We're going to use a premade refrigerated pie crust as our cookie.

Waffle Cookie

Now when you're making this waffle cookie, you can doll it up with so many other yummmies-sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, drizzled chocolate and more.

Recipe for Waffle Cookies

My recipe for waffle cookies is super simple. Basically four ingredients to make these cinnamon sugar waffle cookies.

Italian Waffle Cookies

The most well-known of the Italian waffle cookies is the pizzelle. Yes, you can buy these premade, but making them using this recipe takes pizzelles to a whole new level.

Cookie Waffles Recipe

A cookie waffles recipe can include making the dough from scratch. But, what I've found is that if I want a super thin crispy cookie then this refrigerated pie crust works well. Another idea is to roll out pre-made or homemade dough really thin and put in your waffle iron. Another idea for your cookie waffles is to use wonton wrappers!

Waffle and Pancake

If I've got the choice between waffle and pancake, well, give me a waffle!

Here are some of my other yummy waffles recipes!

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best ever waffle cookie
best ever waffle cookie

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