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Best Dating Apps For iPhone and Android

Posted on the 19 March 2017 by Julia Fernandes @appshub

Some people look out for dating apps in the month February due to Valentine's day but in my point of view, there is no specific season of dating, [ Best Apps for Valentine's Day]. Whenever, you are feeling lonely, at a new location or just trying to recover from a bad relationship, you need to find someone. Finding true love is not an easy thing, it simply can't be found via dating site but if you are in search of it whole heatedly, maybe you are able to find what you are looking for. Actually, there is a different kind of people out there on dating apps, for example, some people just want to hookup for a single night stand or maybe for a few days while some are really in search of a true partner. Mostly, males and females write whatever they want in their basic profiles so that they are approached by like minded people. It's important to note that, making your profile online for a dating site carries a lot of ponderousness in making your matches.

Best Dating Apps for iPhone and Android

If you start searching on App store or Play store you are likely to encounter hundreds of apps with dating tagline. Many apps on dating related subject have a very attractive and user-friendly interface with a number of free options. But, in the case of dating app, more consideration is given to the app with more number of users. Keeping that in mind, we will also enlist those apps which are having less number of users so far but still they have a lot of potentials to grow and become one of the top apps. Here is the list of best dating apps for iPhone and Android:

OK Cupid Dating

You must have heard of this app if not I am going to give a little bit of introduction here. It is a high rated app by users over Android as well as iTunes. This dating app is completely free but still, you have an option to pay extra for more premium features. But its free version is also acceptable unless you really want to play this one all the time. This app completely does whatever is required like uploading of your picture, even editing it and editing of your profile.It has a very user-friendly interface and it makes sure that you really match someone closer to your personality. Having said all that, still it has some bugs like it may crash a couple of times and your messages, answered or not, it keeps the badges up. With newer updates, old bugs keep going while some other join you but despite all these facts, this app is totally useable because once you are using this app, I assume you have some time to spare. so you can go for it or at least give it a try, however, if it doesn't work as per your desires, you still have the option of uninstalling because OK Cupid app is Free. [Download Links: iPhone and iPad, Android] Dating - Meet Singles

It is probably the largest and one of the most famous dating site with million of users registered. The app is available for both iPhone as well as Android users. It has so many registered users that most likely you are going to find someone here. The only downside of this app is that you may encounter some fake users or probably those who have left it long ago. But still, many active ones are out there. It is built on the orthodox where if you like someone of your interest in the given list, then you can send a 'wink' to initiate a chat. In it becomes easier for you to find someone whose interests match your interests such as hobbies, sports, arts, movies and other routine things in daily life. It is Free to download but features come with In-App purchases but these purchases are worth buying as you definitely get positive results. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend

Skout is a Free dating for both iOS as well Android users in which you can meet or search people nearby. You also get notified when someone visits your profile. There are some premium features in the app that can be unlocked by earning points. The main tip to earn more points is logging in daily. You want to meet someone or someone is interested in you will get a message request, in case you like him or her, you may proceed further otherwise decline the option. The only downside of Skout App reported by people is again there are a number of fake users. There is a reason behind it as the profile is visible to all the people in your area so you would never like to show up your picture to everyone out there. Still being a free app it has much to offer and there are chances to match up with someone. [Download Links: iPhone, Android]

Down Dating: Discover, Match, Chat & Meet Singles

Down app was previously known as Bang with Friends. It is suitable for people who are looking for one-night stand type of things. It's yet another Tinder alternative, easy to set up, and asks you to swipe through profiles to find matches for a date or just hook up. Whereas Tinder or some other dating apps help you find people hook up with in your area. But in Down app, the candidates for your date are not some strangers nearby, they are people you know on Facebook. Zynga, (the creators of Words With Friends) filed a lawsuit against Bang with Freinds, so its name had to be changed but still, Down app does the same job. Use is simple, once you install the app, you will find a list of your friends (according to preference) who all are interested. Pick the one you like to bang and email him or her. If you are interested in such like dates that mean business only or you are keen to know which of your Facebook friends have this interest in just no strings attached, you can download. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

POF - Free Dating App

Plenty of Fish (POF) is not only a dating app for iPhone and Android but is also one of the largest online dating communities with more than 50 million registered members. Therefore, POF offers a better visibility and probability to find a special match for you. There are a number of profiles on this app, you can see any of your choices whichever you like the most. The only thing is that, whether the other person likes you or not, you will be able to receive the unlimited number of messages. At times, it becomes frustrating especially for women, to receive a number of unwanted messages. If you want to spot someone that happens to be local, it is quite possible that you are going to find him or her here. You will find the POF app very well designed and user-friendly. All the notifications are sent to you via push notifications, which is yet another good feature. Push notifications help you to track visitors to your profile and messages amongst potential matches. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]


Tinder may not be having most registered users but still, it has gained the popularity over last few years. You have to sign up using Facebook profile set, distance, and preferences as per your choice and start. You are most likely to find people around you according to the distance you have set to search. Again it's a free app to download but has a premium version also with a little bit more options so if you want to become a pro in dating, you can go for the premium version. Tinder works on an exploration of profiles which are shown to you according to location and Facebook similarities. You can even find a friend of your friend for whom you have hots but can't approach him or her due to obvious reasons provided the desired person is also on Tinder. For liking someone you swipe right, to dislike someone you have to swipe left and to super like someone (only one a day for free version) you have to swipe upwards. The match is only made when both man and woman like each other. Later on, after the match is made you can start over with conversation via texts. This app has gained popularity because somehow people have successfully managed more dates with it. The only downside of this app is privacy, it's linked to your Facebook account and shows your real name with profile data available from there. Some people can't show themselves on a dating site due to obvious reasons but with some good, a little bit bad has to come. A worth downloading app for Android as well as iPhone users. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

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Dating Apps with Creative Concept [Tinder Alternatives]

There are quite a few apps emerging on mobiles with unique concepts. Tinder just started it with Facebook logins and match system only if you like someone, no one can bother you if you don't want to be bothered. But there are many other tinder alternatives out with different concepts some with a bit more privacy:


This is not just an orthodox dating app and if you are really looking for something different, Happn app is for you. The happn app is a masterpiece of creativity with not millions of users but still, has a potential to grow as a great app. You just have to download the app, make your profile and wait. Keep it as a secondary dating app because it has a different algorithm. Imagine you go to a bar and find a girl with whom you are unable to interact but she gives you a smile and then vanishes away but she has Happn installed on her phone, you will be able to find her or she will be able to find you there. It works on the system of crossing paths means that if you and the other person have crossed the same path or in the same vicinity, it will give you the option to like him or her that too secretly. You can keep liking people while they won't come to know until they like you back. More likely chances of crossing paths with people can be in populated urban areas. This app is free to download for iPhone as well as Android users. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

Coffee Meets Bagel

The name seems to be very cute and same way the app is also made of some creative idea. Coffee meets bagel makes it possible for your single friends to dig through your contacts in order to establish contact. Once again log in to this app is through Facebook and the app's algorithm finds lists friends of friends that also use the same service. If your old high school buddy has added one or more than one pretty single women on his Facebook as friends, you will be able to approach her for a date. How does it work? After completion of your profile, the app will send you one bagel a day, which is usually a profile of your potential match as calculated by this app keeping in view your friends of friends list phenomenon. After a match is done, you will have 24 hours to decide whether you want to like or pass on this bagel is shown. Once both of you like each other, a chat room opens up which expires after 8 days whether you have talked with your bagel or not. Besides this, you can select some preferences like distance and ethnicity if it matters to you. There are many other aspects that are supposed to be kept in mind before installation of this app. There may or may not be any match if preferences are difficult or may not be up to your liking. If you are successful in making a match, he or she may be at a considerable distance from your location. One bagel a day seems quite less for some people because if you are in a hurry to date someone due to any reason, Coffee meets bagel is not for you. Still, you can give it a try as there is no harm in trying, who knows you are lucky enough to find a suitable bagel on the first day of use. Otherwise, if you have time and want to keep it as a second dating app, the result may be worth waiting. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

SaladMatch by Just Salad

Once you start searching for dating apps in iTunes, you will be flooded with a number of apps without having any idea which one is as per your requirements. For those who are looking for Tinder alternatives, they have yet another great option in the shape of SaladMatch. Although it's a comparatively new app, therefore, you may find less number of users on it but they are increasing. Plus you have a great opportunity to meet your soulmate here. As this app works on the principle of matching people who like the same kind of Salads! Sounds strange, isn't it? But it's a new concept but anyone who is a green lover will have a chance to find a date. You log in using Facebook hence your profile picture is showed up, select the salad you prefer given at the start of this app such as gluten-free, meat-lover, seasonal, make my own etc, thereafter you add your favorite Salad location with usual time for Salad. Thereafter, you are shown up to potential dates of the same choice with images including the option to swipe for yes or no. If you both like each other, you will be connected via chat window separately and thereafter are given an option to chose a Just Salad date location. SaladMatch has been reviewed by Huffington Post here. The SaladMatch is free to download but is so far available for iOS platforms only. [ Download Link iTunes]

Clover Dating App

Best Dating Apps iPhone Android

Clover dating app is free to download but offers a lot of In-App options, in the beginning, to become a premium member. Apparently, it seems that a vast majority of members are premium members, but still the app provides enough features and functionalities to be used successfully as a free member without becoming premium one. The app has a lot of downloads, therefore, you don't need to worry about getting matches. For those who are in search of dating apps without Facebook login requirement, Clover offers multiple options. You can log in using your present Facebook account or if you don't have the account or you want privacy, clover dating app has the option to sign you up with an email address. This is really a good news for many who like their privacy to remain intact. The clover developers claim that people should say goodbye to other dating apps. The reasons it has been placed in Tinder alternatives is that one match system is similar as you find there and in most of other apps, secondly, there is a blind date option which is hardly found in any other dating app. If you don't want the hassle of wasting time on chatting, just hit the blind date option. No long convincing chats to make him or her ready for the first date. The blind date itself has a special element of excitement which can't be found in planned date. As per statistics, a lot of girls have used blind date option so this creative concept brings this app in line with other similar apps. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]


An excellent app but those who are looking for free lunch, Hinge dating app costs around $7 per month which is much lesser than premium services of but still more than many freemiums out there. Second catch besides payment is that you have only option to login using Facebook account. So again those who want Facebook privacy shouldn't go for this dating app. Otherwise, Hinge claims it to be the anti-Tinder app so we can call it yet another Tinder alternative. Hinge focusses on serious relationships instead of hookups or part time relations. You are not shown endless pictures rather you will be shown very few profiles per day basing on your randomness of meeting people online by introducing you to people that share your mutual friends on Facebook. Still, there are a lot many users on Hinge so we can't say that paid signup strategy or showing fewer profiles per day can be a failure but decision to make this app paid was taken in 2016. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes which is restricted to iPhone users only. Thereafter, paid signup is required once the app is installed. [ Download Link iTunes]

Bumble - Meet, Date & Network

Best Dating Apps iPhone Android

Bumble app is almost similar to Tinder, therefore, we have kept it in Tinder alternatives section. Same way both male and female users have to swipe right in order to make a match. Now, the creative catch comes, which makes this app different and somewhat cool as compared to Tinder is that, if the match is made, the part of breaking ice has to be initiated by the woman. She has 24 hours to do so before their connection disappears. Guys can extend matches for 24 hours if they really have a hope to hear from matched woman. Similarly, a girl can also extend the match time for another 24 hours, if she wants to initiate something with her match but just haven't had the time on the first day. This seems tricky, as most of the times, male is the one who makes the first move. But Bumble dating app works this way which sounds pretty interesting. If you are a girl and think you cannot initiate a chat after a match is made, this app is not for you. Still, there are numerous girls out there who can generate a start and are less shy of breaking the ice. This dating app has comparatively less number of users but will increase with a passage of time as the app works on the same principle as Tinder does except the part of initiating discussion. The app is linked with Facebook so a word of caution for those who don't want to link their profiles with dating apps. [Download Links: iTunes, Android]

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