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Best Cutting Cycles and Their Usage

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Cheekymeeky

There are many supplements in the market that can be used to reduce or gain weight. All supplements have certain side effects and you have to make sure you consume them based on your body type.

All supplements have tons of information about usage on the box and before you use a supplement make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Here are some general instructions about using them.


How Much To Take

Stanozolol is best in cutting cycles and is supposed to as one of the best options to increase or reduce the body weight and to maintain right health throughout the life.

This medicine does not require any type of high dosage to get the desired effect. Generally health care professionals advice that the average male should take 50mg to 100mg per day and the average female should take 10mg per day.

This however can vary depending upon individual physical health. If you are very athletic, you may need less than the average person and it should be 20mg for men and 10mg for female. The cost of this type of medicine in the market is average and everyone is able to afford to buy it. Do not take this type of medicine during off-season when you are not working out. It is not simply providing body building and at the same time it will affect hormones in the body during off-season.

Side Effects for Men and Women

Read online reviews and comments before you start on a regimen. Note that these kind of supplements will harm liver when in taking orally or by injecting into the human body. It is best when we are taking it with other cycles so it does not damage the liver.

If you want to take this medicine during off-season, you are advised to take it at the end of the cycle and it will not harm you. Men will get better results if they take about 50mg for about two to four weeks of time. Women have to be more careful as they are more sensitive to these kinds of medicines. However the benefits can be a lot more.

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