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Best CB Base Station Antenna On The Market

Posted on the 18 March 2020 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

Do you operate a base station CB radio and are not sure which is the best CB base station antenna to hook it to? If yes, you have come to the right place.

A good antenna plays a central role in the performance of your CB Base station-ensuring you stay connected, especially in emergency situations.

In this guide, we'll teach you the secret to finding the most powerful and reliable antenna for your base station, as well as review our top picks for the best antennas you can purchase today.

Our Best CB Base Station Antenna Reviews:

1. TRAM 1480 Amateur Dual-Band Base Antenna

Best CB Base Station Antenna On The Market

Tram 1480 is one of the best-rated CB base station antennas. We believe that this is the best antenna for a newbie, as it is straightforward to assemble and comes at a highly affordable price.

One of the key reasons why this Tram is highly rated is that it features a durable fiberglass construction. This gives it a truly solid feel that enables it to withstand the harsh weather conditions and last for a really long time. However, you'll need to waterproof this antenna to allow it to serve you for even longer.

The dual-band base antenna comes in two sections and features 8dB gain for UHF and 6dB gain for VHF. It stages excellent performance when it comes to reducing the static and background noises for increased clarity in your communication. It also comes with a UHF connector that works with masts with a diameter 1.81"-2.44" for lent even greater reception.

Another good reason to get this antenna is that it has a considerable length of 8 feet. This enables you to mount it high and off any obstructions so that it can intercept and transmit your CB stations signals farther.

Inside the box, you'll get up to three 20.5-inch radials that facilitate hassle-less and fast installation.

Highlighted Features:

2. Tram 1499 CB Base Antenna

Best CB Base Station Antenna On The Market

If you're looking for the best CB Base station antenna for portable use, this Tram is a cool choice. It comes with a lightweight and portable design-weighing a pound only, and measuring 3ft. tall-while powering up your CB for better performance.

Despite being a lightweight and portable model, this pocket-friendly Tram has an extremely durable, thick, rugged design. This ensures that it doesn't lose its shape or bend when it counters various punishments. Not to forget, it's 100% waterproof to ensure mother nature doesn't interfere with its performance.

The little Tram has a power rating of 500 Watts. And being an omnidirectional antenna, it can transit or receiver antenna in all directions-for maximum signal reception!

Note that this antenna doesn't require grounding (uses coax cable as its ground), further enhancing its portability aspect.

Overall, this is an excellent antenna for enhancing the performance of your base station CB. It has a pocket-friendly cost and has a portable design. It's suitable for apartment use or outdoor camping. Installing it is pretty straightforward, and all the necessary hardware is included in the box.

Highlighted Features:

3. Sirio Antenna m400 Tunable Base Antenna

Best CB Base Station Antenna On The Market

Sirio M-400 is the best CB base antenna if you want the real bang for your buck. The Italy-based brand intended this antenna to score highly in terms of quality and performance while keeping the price at a reasonable level.

One of the coolest things you'll like about this antenna is that it's tunable from 26.5 to 30Mhz to let you listen to any of 40 channels of the citizen band. It has an excellent dB gain and delivers excellent reception across all the channels. It has a maximum power handling capacity of 1000 Watts, which enables it to give you a way better transmission range than most of its competition.

The CB base station antenna stands about 10ft. tall when you finally install it, which is high enough to capture more reliable signals. It also features 3 radials (with plastic arms bracket reinforcement) that further improve the transmission range.

Sirio doesn't cut corners when it comes to the quality of their products. This is evident from the antenna's aluminum alloy construction. This gives rust and corrosion-resistant and long-lasting quality. The use of aluminum metal also gives this antenna a lightweight feel, and you can raise it on your own for painless assembly.

Highlighted Features:

4. Sirio SD 27 Dipole CB/10 Meter Base Antenna

If you're tired of those cheaply made antennas from China, get this all-metal dipole CB base station antenna from Sirio today and witness a world of difference. Just like its sibling above, this Italy-made antenna dictates quality and performance at a reasonable cost.

This is a high-performance antenna with a gamma match system. It has a pretty wide bad range, and you can easily tune it to your desired frequency with the included tuning instructions.

Everything in this antenna is made from high-quality aluminum alloy metal, including the mount brackets, to achieve the much-needed strength and robustness in an outdoor CB antenna. The jointing sleeves are made of polyethylene for excellent waterproofing to prevent interference from weather elements.

Assembling this dipole antenna is a snap! All that you need to put this antenna in the air also comes included in the box, including the U-bolts, mounting brackets, Allen keys, screws, and even the coax boot. These accessories also feature durable construction. A set of instructions is also included to guide you through the installation process.

Highlighted Features:

5. Workman Saturn B100 Base Station Antenna

This is a low-profile, high-performance CB base antenna that features a shorter (compact) design compared to most base antennas out there. The compact design is beneficial in that it allows you to use it virtually anywhere, on apartment balconies, in the attic, and any other area where a large antenna will not work.

The low-profile antenna stands 39 inches high from the base mount. It's built using heavy-duty fiberglass materials to make it last longer. And it doesn't need a ground plane to function. This makes it ideal for use on fiberglass boat's and RV's wall, and just any other roofing.

With a power handling capacity of 500 Watts, this antenna can handle any CB or SSB transmission. Since its bandwidth also covers the full 10m amateur band, the Workman is an excellent HF antenna that you can employ where the ground plane isn't practical.

The installation part is straightforward, thanks to all the included mounting brackets and U-bolt hardware. Don't forget that this antenna comes fully waterproofed so that you don't need to keep taking it away in inclement weather.

Highlighted Features:

6. Falcon CB Radio Base Station Antenna

Here's another quality dipole antenna you can order for your CB base station today. The antenna is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and features a weather-tight design to ensure it doesn't underperform due to various weather elements.

The antenna boasts of a maximum power handling capacity of 2400 Watts. This ensures it transmits your signals with the ultimate clarity so that you can stay connected with other CBers in an emergency. With this power rating, you can rest assured that you'll easily access all the 40 CB channels. Additionally, you can use this antenna for FM, USB, and LSB radios.

Though the antenna comes pre-tuned, you'll still be able to tune it to get a desirable SWR reading. If you have never done this before, you'll find the included tuning instruction pretty helpful.

You'll get this antenna with full instructions on the different ways of mounting it. Being an indoor/outdoor antenna, you can install it just anywhere, inside or outside your apartment, condo, house, attic, garage, and more.

Highlighted Features:

7. Tram 1498 CB Base Station Antenna

Are you on a tight budget and still want to get a great base station antenna? If yes, you can't go wrong with this CB base station antenna. The antenna delivers a great performance, but it comes at a fraction of the cost of the high-priced models.

When you finally assemble this antenna, it goes high up in the air-as high as 18 feet-to ensure it captures better signals. This is the ideal length of antenna if you live in an area with mountains, trees, and other obstructions that are likely to hinder your antenna performance.

It has a frequency response of 26MHz-31MHz to ensure you can access all the CB stations you wish to listen to. Add this to the high power handling capacity of 2000 Watts, and you get a really dependable antenna for your CB communication needs.

Using the provided instructions, you'll be able to tune this antenna for your desired frequency, enabling you to enjoy really high performance.

Don't forget that this antenna is made using heavy-duty fiberglass material for maximum durability and longevity. It comes with all the needed mounting accessories to ensure a smooth and quick set up.

Highlighted Features:

8. Hy-Gain SPT-500 Vertical Base Antenna

If you've got money to spend, this high-end Hy-Gain SPT-500 antenna is an excellent choice for your base station CB. The antenna comes packed with features and functionality that are well worth its high price point.

The antenna is a full size 5/8 wave, 10/12meer vertical antenna type, which was popular back in the 70s. And now Hy-Gain brings it back to you. The model is characterized by a full-size radiator (with a lower radiation angle) that concentrates power closer to the ground, exactly where you want it t.

The longer radiator plus double-matching tuning provides lower SWR reading and higher radiated energy, thus increasing the antenna's electrical performance. The double-matching also wands off the precipitation static for extremely low noise antenna and higher clarity in your transmissions.

With an exceptional height of 22feet, 9.5 inches, there's no denying that this antenna will stand up high in your house and defy any topography that might have been interfering with the reception of your previous antennas.

For the construction part, the antenna boasts larger diameter, heavy wall ply-tubular construction that makes it one of the best omnidirectional antennas around. The 4 full-length radials reinforced with unique machine-formed brackets boost your talk power and the overall antenna strength.

Highlighted Features:

9. FireStik IBA-5 Indoor CB base antenna

The last spot on our list goes to another highly popular CB base antenna designed by FireStik. This is your go-to choice if you want something you can install indoors. It's specially designed for installation inside a home or apartment.

When completely set up, this antenna measures just over 5-feet tall and outperforms most outdoor antennas.

It has a maximum power handling capacity of 1000 Watts, which translates to a pretty good transmission range. Users who have worked with this antenna before will tell you that it'll give you 1-3 miles of effective range when you use it indoors...and 3-5 miles when used outdoors.

Included in the package is an 18ft. Fire-Flex coax cable with a bonus standard PL-259 connector. You'll also get four 30-inch radials for the ground that work quite well.

Other than your home, you can also use this antenna at the job site, or anywhere else where temporary base station antenna is needed, say in a camp, RV, etc.

Highlighted Features:

What To Look For Before Buying?

When shopping for a CB base station antenna, focus on the key considerations we have outlined below to help you get the best CB base antenna around.

Antenna length

One of the most important things to look for when buying a new antenna is its overall length.

The effect of length on the performance ere is the same as that of your truck CB antenna. The longer it is (or, the higher it goes), the better the range you'll get.

A longer antenna is also a great choice if you live an area surrounded by mountains, trees, tall buildings, etc., that can easily affect the signal transmission.

With that said, a longer antenna might not be an ideal choice if you're looking to use it indoor or at job site where a 1-mile worth of range is sufficient for you.


You should also examine the strength of materials used to construct the antenna you plan to buy.

This is a crucial factor keeping in mind that CB base station antennas are mainly intended for outdoor use, where they get exposed to all types of weather elements. And exposure to these elements not only affects the antenna performance but also its longevity.

Look for antennas made with materials that can resist rust and corrosion. Ensure it comes with heavy-duty mounts to hold it securely in place and enable it to withstand strong winds.

Also, make sure you get an antenna with weatherproof design. Otherwise, the water will find its way into your antenna, and it'll start underperforming in no time.

Ease of assembly

Another important consideration to make when shopping for a new CB base station antennas how easy it is to assemble.

Ideally, you want to get a unit that isn't too heavy that it gives you a headache lifting it up for installation. Models made using fiberglass and aluminum metal are usually lightweight and easy to assemble.

You'd also want to ensure the antenna comes with quality mounting brackets and other installation accessories for hassle-free installation.

A set of instructions on how to assemble your new antenna will also make the whole process a breeze!

Power rating

As you have already noted from the top antennas we have outlined above, different models come with different power ratings.

What most people don't know, however, is that the antenna's power handling capacity directly contributes to its performance. The more power the antenna uses, the clearer the signals it gives you.

The 300 Watts is the typical rating you'll find in most models; this power capacity is sufficient for most of your CB communication need.

If you want to make cross border transmissions, however, then you should look for an antenna that comes with even higher power rating.


Do you plan to permanently install your antenna, or you want something you can easily take with you to any place?

If you want an antenna that you can carry with you to the campsite, condo, RV, etc., then you should also consider the portability of the new antenna you plan to buy. Make sure it comes with a short, compact design...and a lightweight feel.

What if you want to permanently install the antenna on your house or apartment roofing? In this case, you can forget about the portability aspect and go for the tallest antenna around, with a well-built mounting bracket for maximum security.

How CB Station Base Antenna Works?

The primary work of a CB station base antenna is to capture the radio signals and transmit them to your radio receiver, where they're converted to electrical signals. It also takes the electric signals from your receiver and converts them into radio signals for transmission to other CB radios that are miles away from you.

For your antenna to radiate the radio signals excellently, you'll need to tune it such that the antenna length precisely matches the wavelength of the transmitted signal frequency.

Since CB radios have 40 channels and each channel operates on a different frequency, it's impractical to have a separate antenna for each of these channels. Manufacturers get around this by picking a frequency in the middle of the CB spectrum and choosing an antenna length to correspond to it.

In such a case, you'll have to determine whether this is a good compromise by measuring the SWR (standing wave ratio) of the antenna and the coax cable between your antenna. And then turning it (the antenna) until you obtain acceptable SWR.

To properly tune your antenna, you'll need to use an SWR meter connected between the antenna feedline and the transmitter. Some radios also feature a built-in SWR meter, which you can use for the tuning process.

If your SWR never goes beyond 1.5:1, then it means you're good to go. Otherwise, it goes below 1.5:1, then you need to watch your meter to see how the trend develops. The SWR tends to be greater on the higher or lower channels. If it's greater on lower channels, consider lengthening your antenna gradually. If the SWR is greater on the higher channels, consider shortening the antenna.

Check the following video on how to correctly tune your CB base station radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a good CB base station antenna?

A good CB base station antenna is one that keeps you connected with other CB radio users, especially in emergencies. For radio to fit this description, it should be high-performance oriented. In our review section above, we have outlined some of the finest CB base station antennas that will give you dependable and reliable performance.

Q: Can I use a mobile CB antenna for a base station?

It's possible to use a mobile CB antenna for your base station, but this comes at the cost of some extra modifications. For instance, if you're using a magnetic mount antenna, then you'll need to put a large metal sheet at the base of the antenna to act as the ground plane.

In the long run, the mobile CB antenna might not give you outstanding performance, and making all these modifications is time-consuming. So, we recommend you to use an antenna specially designed for base station CBs. This way, you can start using the antenna right out of the box.

Q: How do you ground a CB base antenna?

To ground your CB antenna, find a suitable area at a distance of around 3-4 feet away from the antenna base. Put the ground rod into the soil and ensure its head sits about 5-6 inches above the ground. Then, with the help of a hose clamp, wire the ground to your antenna.

Q: How high should a CB base antenna be?

There's no specific mounting height for a CB base station antenna. But you should make sure you mount it as high as possible. This helps clear off any obstacles that might end up obstructing your radio signals and making them weaker. The higher you out your antenna, the higher its performance becomes.

However, keep in mind that the government limits how high you can put an antenna for safety reasons. So, make sure you check with your local authorities before installing that antenna on your house.

Final Verdict

Having your CB base station hooked up to a high-performance antenna is crucial if you want to stay connected in emergencies. When you go shopping for an antenna, focus on the antenna quality, ease of assembly/use, and the performance to ensure you end up with the best CB base station antenna available. The highly-rated antennas for CB base stations we have outlined in this guide will help you boost your transmission range and enjoy super-clear signals when talking to other CB users.

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