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Best Buddies

By Sue15cat
  Best Buddies   Rosy and Suky might have had a bit of a falling out but Suky and Ginger really are best friends.  Every night now they sleep together in the dog bed in the conservatory, snuggled up and happy to be close, they look so cute, but this is the first time I have been able to get a picture of them.  Usually one or the other of them hears me going to get the camera and by the time I get back they are stretching and climbing out ready to queue up for breakfast.   Best Buddies   Suky's ear is much better now and she will let me touch it again, in another day I will give her ears a good wash out, as per the vets instructions with salted water.  Adding a spoonful of salt to some water seems to really get all the muck out of a dogs ears, so much more than just using wet cotton wool  does.   Sue xx 

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