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Best Boutiques in Koh Samui You Should Not Miss

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Koh Samui, often shortened to Samui, is an island off the east coast of Thailand. As of 2012 Samui is a self-governing district. Thailand's second largest island after Phuket is visited by two and a half million tourists annually. Until the early 1970s, there were no proper roads on the island, and the fifteen kilometer voyage from one side to the other might take an entire day through the rugged rainforests. The rise of tourism in Samui has resulted in the construction of more resorts, bungalows, and luxury private villas on the island.

The origin of the name samui is unknown. Some say it comes from Sanskrit meaning sea weather. Some say it evolved from Hainanese Chinese meaning first island or directly beautiful beach. Yet another idea was that the word derived from the Malay meaning safe haven. There is no clear answer for any of these but the one thing that is known is Koh, Ko, Go, or Goh is the Thai word for island.

No matter what you call the island, make sure you say the word shopping while on Samui! Keep in mind that shopping here is not the same as shopping in Bangkok. It's different and more rustic, but it's still lovely. You can visit authentic shops where you can find a wide range of things that will spark your curiosity.

Boutique Villas

The most popular spots are around the eastern and northern coasts. Chaweng and Lamai have exciting beaches where you can find anything from restaurants and souvenir shops to bars and clubs. Go north on the island and the mood changes to a slow and relaxed pace. With most sites within a forty-five minute drive around your Samui villa the island is best seen through half-day trips. Rest assured in your private luxury Villa that there will be no shortage of things to do. The villa manager can even arrange renting snorkeling equipment, hiring a car, or scheduling trips.

Clothing Boutiques

When it comes to clothing, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the selection. To reflect the island's colorful image, there are both traditional clothing designs and high-quality designer wear. Recently several independent designers have opened shops selling unique clothing. There are many cute boutique shops as well as malls and inexpensive clothing at marketplaces.

Gift Boutiques

You might wish to gift something to the people back home. There's a lot to pick from, including classic Thai souvenirs or more unique pieces. The plentiful boutique shops have just what you're looking for.

Tailoring Boutiques

Visitors to Samui are surprised to find quality tailor shops on this paradise island. The leading professional tailor on the island is Paul's Fashion and quality tailoring is exactly what they do. Founded in 2005, by Paul Subhedi, on Chaweng Beach Road they are still there seventeen years later. The special thing that sets them apart from the others is they offer a one hundred percent happiness guarantee on their business, casual and formal wear for both ladies and gentlemen.

Jewelry Boutiques

Nature Art Gallery is exceptional for those who pass by its three shops. Semi-precious stones, jewellery and accessories gleam in the windows. It's a very relaxed environment without the pushy salespeople and pressure to spend your yearly income there . Nature Art is proud that it is a different kind of jeweller. The idea here is to blend quality with unique creativity.

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