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Best Blog SEO Keywords for Electronic Plan Reviews

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


If you’re blogging about electronic plan reviews (EPRs), you’re to be congratulated, because you’ve gotten yourself into one hot and competitive market. Your blog needs to stand out, and that means using the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices, starting with keywords and phrases.

There might be a lot of other bloggers dishing up advice about EPRs, but that won’t matter if you can dominate the Google search results. When someone Googles “what’s an EPR,” your blog needs to appear near the top of those search results.

Maybe you’ve been hired by an EPR company as their blogger; maybe you simply like to keep up with the latest and best in EPR solutions. Your angle will help dictate which SEO keywords you choose.

There are a few different approaches to take to this. Always take full advantage of Google Analytics Keyword Tool, and treat it as your foundation for optimizing keywords. Otherwise, look at your competition and see which key phrases are giving them great results.

Keywords to get started

According to Keyword Tool, some of the top matches for “electronic plan review” include city permits, building permits, commercial plans, and electronic review. Sorted by relevance, the ad groups are permit, plan software, and plan.

Of course, these are just the most basic of searches, and if you’re looking for a niche role on the subject of EPR, it pays (sometimes literally) to re-check these keywords on a daily basis. Remember that SEO is constantly evolving.

Plus, just because the Keyword Tool gives you this great information doesn’t mean it’s all you’ll need. Keywords and phrases are the bread and butter of an SEO blog strategy, but they can’t work magic alone.

You also need quality content, a mobile-ready design, and the ability to market your EPR blog to the right market — such as permit filers and government agencies. If you’re blogging about mistakes made when choosing EPR software, your SEO strategy needs to align with this topic, but you also need to be doing outreach and social media management.

Use what you’ve got

The right keywords should drive traffic to different landing pages, and you need to stay on top of which pages are performing well. The ones with slow traffic or high bounce-back rates have an SEO problem, obviously.

Maybe the keywords are outdated; maybe the content has been erroneously duplicated; or you could have a problem with tagging.

Whether you’re blogging about the importance of getting an EPR before starting to build, or doling out advice on speeding up the process, make sure your SEO is in check. Otherwise, you might be blogging to no one.

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