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Best Beer & Wine Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

By Colorado Beer Girl @colobeergirl

Best Beer & Wine Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is getting close. Just three weeks to find the perfect gift. It goes without saying that the last few months have been a difficult and challenging time for everyone. So what I’m thinking is: Dad could use a drink!

Is he a beer drinker? Does he enjoy wine? Either way, you should start by browsing the numerous options offered by MonthlyClubs.com.

There are actually six different clubs (each with its own sub-groups) available to gift: beer, wine, cheese, chocolate, cigar, and flower, and you can even a design your own. I would be super excited to receive any of these! Okay, I’ll pass on the cigars, but all the other items are pretty much my favorite things!

While all the clubs look awesome, this Father’s Day post is dedicated to the alcohol clubs, for a couple of reasons: 1.) I’ve tried one of the beer and one of the wine clubs personally, so I can vouch for them, and 2.) give dad what he really needs this year—the gift of drink!

Best Beer & Wine Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

I really enjoy wine, though I am not very knowledgeable about it. I do know that I love red wine, and I was very impressed with the two reds I received from the Premier Series Wine Club in May:

  • Black Pearl Vineyards Oro (2018 – South Africa)
  • Bodega Diaz Bayo Ribera Del Duero Roble (2017 – Spain)

This club is a great one for me, as the wines are selected by a team of experts who actually take the time to visit and inspect vineyards, talk to the winemakers, and of course sample the products to ensure they are choosing the best products for their customers. I’ll put my trust in them rather than trying to randomly pick out something at the liquor store. The other nice thing is that you can customize your club to include just whites, just reds, or both. And, as with all of the clubs, you don’t even have to sign up monthly; bi-monthly or even quarterly subscriptions are also available. Here are some details about the club:

The Premier Series Wine Club

$39.95/month + $13.00 S&H

Your premium wine club membership will include:

  • Two Bottles, Each from a different International Winery, every month. Choose two reds, two whites, or one of each.
  • Cellar Notes detailed wine profiles with comprehensive tasting notes, detailed winery histories and suggested food pairings.
  • Free Wine Gift Bags in All Initial Wine Club Shipments!
  • No auto-renewal when you choose a fixed-duration between 2-12 shipments.

Our original and most popular wine club since 1994, the Premier Series delivers boutique wines of exceptional quality and value from the world’s finest wine producing regions. To seek out impressive new wines, we travel to the source, visiting regions such as Italy’s Piemonte, the Ribera del Duero and Rioja regions of Spain, the Western Cape of South Africa, and other top wine regions in countries like Chile, Australia, France, and here in the USA. We inspect vineyards, meet with winemakers and, most importantly, taste wines.

You or your gift recipient will enjoy:

  • Estate-Bottled Wines at Exceptional Values
  • An International Variety in Every Shipment
  • Hard-to-Find Vintages and Rare Finds
  • Cellar Notes Profiling Each Wine & Winery
  • Flexible Gift Ordering – Personalized Gift Message

Best Beer & Wine Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

There are a bunch of excellent options for the beer clubs too: U.S. Microbrewed, U.S. and International Variety, Hop-Heads, International, or Rare Beer Club. While I’m not all that familiar with wine, I do know beer. So the Rare Beer Club jumped out at me, as I’m always on the lookout for those special beers. I was able to score both Van Steenberge’s Monk’s Café Grand Cru and Fulton’s War and Peace in the past. The selections are always spot on! It makes for a very nice gift that will surely impress the beer connoisseur in your life.

The Rare Beer Club

Starting at $38.95/month + $14.00 S&H

Your membership will include:

  • Two, four or six, 750 ml bottles of hand-crafted, limited release, artisanal beers from two of the world’s best brewers. You’ll get two different beer styles, one, two or three bottles from each brewery.
  • Our Monthly Newsletter with detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and suggested food pairings.
  • FREE bartender’s bottle opener with all orders of 3 shipments or more.
  • No auto-renewal when you choose a fixed-duration between 2-12 shipments.

Never Receive a Beer You Don’t Want to Get! Our Personalized Shipment Program

 ensures that as a personal member of The Rare Beer Club® you’ll receive only the beers you want to get. (Also available to gift recipients upon request.) Each month prior to receiving your shipment, you will be sent an email detailing the two upcoming beer selections and given the ability to customize what you will receive.

You’re in complete control of what you receive every month and can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want to get. No other beer club offers that kind of flexibility. Members receive two different styles in each shipment. We strive to offer variety between those two styles as well as from month to month. Variety to us means not only by style but also by country of origin, so rest assured that both domestic US craft brewers as well as time-honored international breweries will be represented.

If you’re looking for a unique, quality gift this Father’s Day, check out the wine and beer clubs at  MonthlyClubs.comDad will thank you for it!

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