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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting in HCG Diet

By Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop
Benefits of Intermittent Fasting in HCG Diet

Maybe, you have been hearing about intermittent fasting but do not know what it is. It is a method of scheduling daily meals to achieve a certain goal. The goal can be weight loss, muscle building, and others. It is important for you to know that intermittent fasting is not a diet plan but simply the way of scheduling your diet. It does not in any way change your meal or what you eat at any point in time. But, it only changes when you eat the meal. This article is dedicated to introducing you to all the things you need to know about intermittent fasting. There is intermittent fasting weight loss and most people have proved the effectiveness through their numerous and exceptional testimonials.

How to Do Intermittent Fasting

If you have been hearing about the effectiveness of intermittent fasting to weight loss but wonder how to get it, you should not worry. It is not a difficult thing, as all it takes is to skip a meal, which is usually breakfast. You can start by eating your first meal by 1 Pm daily and your second meal by 8 Pm daily. That means you will fast 16 hours daily. The fasting will start from when you eat your last daily meal to when you will eat a first meal the following day. So, if you have been wondering how to do intermittent fasting, you should not worry any longer. Also, it can be done through alternate-day fasting and lots more.

The Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss You Need To Know

Peradventure, you want to lose weight without taking any drug or supplement with side effect the solution is here. What you need is to embark on intermittent fasting weight loss. There are so many wonderful benefits associated with this apart from weight loss. You will begin to feel healthier when you start to do intermittent fasting. According to people that have practiced this diet rescheduling, Intermittent fasting is one of the best fat burners. You will not need to crash your calorie intake for you to get the result you need in intermittent fasting. In most cases, you will be advised to maintain your usual daily calorie intake. Even at that, it is still the best option anyone needs when it comes to weight loss. That is the reason why you have to go ahead and begin this wonderful procedure without wasting time.

How Can HCG Diet Help

HCG diet basically includes a diet with very low-calorie ingredients and allows an intake of 500-800 calories per day for 21-38 days at a time. In addition to this, an extreme diet plan is also prepared which is combined with hormone human chorionic gonadotropin HCG and is administered either through drops, capsules or injections.

According to different studies conducted in the 1950s, HCG diet facilitates the reduction of fat cells as the individual is to follow a low-calorie diet plan. HCG diet sources like injections and drops allow the body to distribute the effects of the fat cells rather on the muscle tissues. As a result, the body is able to retain lean muscle without the requirement of taking nutrition from other functioning cells in the body. The body is then forced to take from the fat stored which fosters weight loss.

Some Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

There are basically several benefits of intermittent fasting which you need to know. It is the best way to not only lose weight but to build your body effectively and accurately. In fact, the advantages associated with this food scheduling method include:

  • The best and perfect way for weight loss
  • It can make you live a simple lifestyle
  • Encourages longevity
  • Decreases risk of cancer
  • Easier and simpler to follow than dieting
  • Boost muscle masses within a short time
  • Reduction of overall body fat
  • Enhances explosiveness
  • regulate blood glucose
  • decreases the risk of coronary disease
  • Balances blood lipids
  • Less stressful
  • And lots more.

That means, those that followed the rules involved in intermittent fasting will be stronger, more explosive, leaner and healthier. That is the reason why you have to embrace intermittent fasting today. It is the solution you are looking for your weight loss needs and requirements.

When intermittent fasting is associated with an HCG diet, it tends to offer additional benefits. In this form of fasting, participants are allowed to follow a strict calorie intake diet which ranges around 500 calories per day with HCG shots or drops. HCG is functioned to eradicate all signs of fatigue, hunger, muscle wasting or headaches that tends to remain present in other forms of fasting and which are strong enough to slab the efforts of the dieter. HCG diet continues for 30-45 days which makes this type of fasting, a health intact one. Some benefits associated with intermittent fasting in an HCG diet include:

It forces human body to metabolize fat

Having a very low-calorie diet, intermittent fasting forces human body to burn more and more fats as the participant is not eating anything for prolonged time periods. When a person is eating regularly, the sugar level in his blood and the glycogen stored in human liver provides the required energy for being active all day long. Unless a period is spent without eating, the body will not burn fat stored for energy as it serves as an energy reserve otherwise.

With an HCG diet, the human body will go about for a longer period without eating anything hence using the available blood sugar that has been obtained from the previous meals and from the glycogen stored. When most of the energy is used from this source, the body will start to metabolize stored fat for its metabolic process. Intermitting fasting, in HCG diets, provides an intake of limited amount of calories which force the body to burn fat so that the energy requirements are fulfilled.

Proven to be much more convenient

For those who do not have much experience with intermittent fasting, it can be very difficult to implement in your schedule. You are used to eating breakfast and when you have to skip any meal, doing work becomes a bit difficult. Moreover, with so many fasting options available, it can be confusing to select the right one.

HCG diet has elements that suit everybody. It is the diet which meets the unique needs of the participants as the diet plan is very well tolerated amongst a vast majority of people. This diet offers weight loss in a much more effective manner as compared to other protocols. It can be very difficult to exactly know how many calories a person should intake every day and many people end up in eating a lot of or too fewer calories. In the HCG diet, you know exactly how many calories should be undertaken on a daily basis as some foods that you need to stick to.

Prescribed HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a very low calorie and low-fat diet and is divided into three phases which are:

    Loading phase: In this phase, the participant starts taking HCH and will eat lots of high calorie and high-fat foods for not more than 2 days. Intermittent fasting in this stage is not required.
    Weight loss phase: In the second phase, the participants will intake 500 calories every day from about 3-6 weeks. The duration of this phase depends on how much weight you want to lose. Those who want to lose lesser weight will carry on with the diet for 3 weeks and for those who want to lose more weight are advised to follow the diet for 6 weeks along with the repetition of the cycle (all phases) many times. This phase also marks the starting of intermittent fasting as the participants will be allowed to eat only two meals per day which are usually lunch and dinner. Moreover, the meal plans should include one portion of a vegetable, a portion of lean protein as well as one fruit and a piece of bread. Sugar, oil, and butter are strictly prohibited, however, intake of plenty of fluids and water is allowed.
    Maintenance phase: In this phase, you will stop taking HCG. Food intake will start gradually, however; sugar and starch should be avoided for at least three weeks.

The Side Effects Associated With Intermittent Fasting

You may be thinking about the possible side effects associated with intermittent fasting so as to know how to go about it. For the fact that it is associated with lots of benefits, does not make it free from some negative effects. The issue is that it may be difficult at the beginning stage. You may find it difficult doing your normal routine when you on fast. Skipping breakfast is not always easy to some people. But, it is a way of training your system and your entire body. Your body truly needs intermittent fasting to function better and serve you well. However, while intermittent fasting works wonders for some people, it does harm to others. Women are mostly at risk of intermittent fasting side effects. The possible side effects associated with intermittent fasting for women include:

  • Metabolic disturbance
  • Missed periods
  • Early-onset of menopause
  • And others

The Intermittent Fast for Women

Intermittent fasting is great for men and women. But, it must be done accurately to achieve a set goal. Women should be careful while taking up intermittent fasting (IF). This is due to series of side effects associated with intermittent fasting for females. As a woman, you should only accept what works for you and not what works for your friend. Some things that work for others may not work for you. The reason is to the differences in the body system and metabolism. The culprit to this is Kisspeptin. This is a specialized protein molecule neurons usually, use for communication with each other. Also, the neurons usually use Kisspeptin to tell each other when to do the certain thing. The Kisspeptin is responsible for stimulating the production of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in male and female. This hormone is quite sensitive to insulin, leptin, and ghrelin which are responsible for satiety and hunger regulation. Owing to the fact that women have more Kisspeptin than men they are more receptive to energy balance changes. That is the reason why intermittent fasting affects most women negatively.

Things You Must Know About Weight Loss Supplement and Intermittent Fasting

Obviously, there are several weight loss supplements like oral drops, pills, shots, powders, and tablets in the market today that one may be confused which one to buy. Most of the supplements are advertised with big promises and claim that do not always hold true at the end of the day. Another thing about the supplements in the market is that most of them are made with ingredients with enormous side effects. Taking the supplement to lose weight can result in more problems in your body. That is the reason why you have to ensure that you embrace intermittent fasting and let go of supplements you found in the market. You may not have the need for a supplement when you start getting the result intermittent fasting normally gives. But, if in the process of the intermittent fasting supplement is recommended to you, is important you accept it with good faith. Just follow professional guides when you want to start any activities designed for weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting and Men Workout

Men have more advantage when it comes to intermittent fasting than women. The truth is that so many men have shared their mind-blowing happy testimonials about the effectiveness of intermittent fasting. Some ended up losing weight, burning up several pounds of fat, enjoying an increase in explosiveness and even training less in the gym. It is also nice for you to know that intermittent fasting is not designed to replace men workout completely. Rather it is designed to serve as a boost to the expected goal from the workout. So, you can continue to visit the gym for your training while you are on intermittent fasting. The only thing is that you will start to train less but achieve better and greater result than ever. That is why you should go ahead and embrace intermittent fasting today.

Fat Loss and Meal Plan You Need To Know

How you eat what you eat is as good as when you eat what you eat. You can easily make great different in your health and body weight by scheduling when you eat what you eat. That is where intermittent fasting comes in. It is a way of making some changes on when you eat your meal. Since the insulin is always active while we eat, it is not always easy to experience fat loss. When you are on fast, your insulin will be somehow inactive and will direct the body to start converting the available fat into energy. These are the reasons why your meal plan is of great important for your weight loss aim and objectives. You should make sure that you follow intermitted fasting as instructed by your guide which may be your doctor. In fact, the result you will get from intermittent fasting will make you desire to do it again and again. But, that will be possible when you follow it as recommended by the experts.

How Intermittent Fasting result to Fat Loss

For easy understanding of how intermittent fasting work for fat loss you should know about fasted state and fed state of the body. When your body is digesting as well as the absorbing food, it is said to be in fed state. This state usually commences from the moment you start to eat to about 3-5 hours after eating. At the fed state, the body will not have the need to burn fat due to high insulin level. After the fed state, the body will go into the post-absorption state. This is the state when the body is not digesting or absorbing any food. Post-absorption state usually last between 8 - 12 hour, and it is the same time your body get into fasted state. In the fasted state, the insulin is low and only encourages burning fats for energy needed in the body. Since most people do not stay more than 12 hours to eat another meal, it is always difficult for their body to get into fasted state needed for easy fat loss. But with intermittent fasting which encourages fasting for 16 hours, the body can easily burn fat faster. That is the reason why intermittent fasting is still the best weight loss technique you need to know.

The Best Bodybuilding Plan You Need to Know

Are you a man or woman looking for the best way to build your body and muscle effectively? Do you want to gain lean but bulky muscle? Are you searching for best bodybuilding plan that can work effectively in boosting your overall health? If these are what you want, you are not to worry as intermittent fasting is the solution that works. Intermittent fasting has worked for several men out there, and most of them are already sharing their testimonial. With intermittent fasting, you need not sweat water and blood in the gym for you to lose weight and burn off stubborn fat. What you simply need do is to ensure that you follow intermitted fasting according to guide. It is simpler than any dieting you may think possible. While intermittent fasting does not replace workout, it helps to promote result while reducing the frequency of the workout and others. That is among the things that made intermittent fasting best method to add to your workout technique and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

There are some common or popular questions people usually ask about intermittent fasting. The questions are added in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on this site. Also, satisfactory answers to the questions are provided alongside.

Q1: What is intermittent fasting?

Ans: Intermittent fasting is simply a pattern of eating or way of scheduling daily meals to get a certain result.

Q2: Does intermittent fasting produce the same result as a workout for men?

Ans: Intermittent fasting does not work alone as it must be combined with the workout to be effective. While the effects are not noticeable without the workout, it does help to boost result needed in workout exercise.

Q3: Are women allowed to observe intermittent fasting?

Ans3: Off course yes! Women are allowed to observe intermittent fasting. But, as a woman, you should be observant to know what work for you and what does not.

Q4: Why do women suffer more side effects in intermittent fasting than men?

Ans: Women suffer more side effective in intermittent fasting than men due to differences in body metabolism. The hormones in the body women response more sharply to energy balance in female than in the male. That is the reason why most women experience side effect likes metabolic disturbances, missed period, early-onset menopause and others.

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