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Benefits of a Tiny Lawn

Posted on the 21 September 2018 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Benefits of a Tiny Lawn

Your yard is one of the first things that visitors see when they get to your home. It is one of the most important places in your home as a homeowner. Many homeowners assume that the bigger the lawn, the better it is. But is it really essential to have a big lawn in your home? What are some of the advantages that you will enjoy as a tiny lawn owner?

Small Budget and Bigger Impact

Maintaining a large lawn is expensive, time-consuming, and even overwhelming. Any time when there is a need for maintenance, a homeowner with a big yard needs to have a clear plan and budget to get the lawn in place. With a small lawn, there is smaller square footage. Even a small renovation will make a significant change in how it looks. You can easily change the look with a small budget and much less effort.

Fewer Landscaping Needs

Whether you own a big or small lawn, landscaping is one of the must-do activities to maintain the look of the lawn. When you have a tiny lawn, however, your work is significantly reduced. With a small lawn, you will need less fertilizer, pruning, and weed control. A small yard will help you to be more creative with your landscaping options and let you experiment with things like planting ground cover plants or using gravel in place of grass.

Intimate Appeal

A tiny yard feels more intimate. People are closer to each other, encouraging a feeling of inclusion, socialization and communication. Parties held in small lawn yards can be more enjoyable as guests can interact easier.

Benefits of a Tiny Lawn

Show Your Personality and Character

With a small yard, it is easier for you to show your personality and character in the space. It is easier and less expensive than trying to infuse your tastes in a big yard. With a tiny yard, you can include various things that fit your personality and tastes to make the place more appealing and fun.

Reduced Utility Bills

There are inevitably some costs associated with maintaining a green and beautiful yard. You will have water and potentially even electricity bills that will go up with a larger yard. A tiny yard will keep these bills lower. You will save water if you have less lawn to irrigate. A tiny yard will save you money.


Homeowners admire big lawns in their homes. But for a more functional, hassle-free solution, consider a small lawn. In addition to ease of upkeep and maintenance costs, a tiny lawn at home can be just as appealing.

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Jackie Greene is a blogger, gardener, and nutrition enthusiast. She enjoys creating organic meals for family and friends using the fresh ingredients she produces from her backyard homestead.
Benefits of a Tiny Lawn

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