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Beneath the Surface of Asia’s World City [the Documentary]

Posted on the 13 September 2012 by Jodylan89 @jodylan89

With my mental bar for a good documentary set rather high, (partially down to my lecturer David) I will always have criticisms of my own work. But I am now ready to share this documentary with you all. Constraints regarding the duration of the film having to be 15 minutes did mean many things were compromised, including the depth and details of each issue covered. Please give feedback by commenting on my blog or on YouTube, and if anybody does deem it worthy or more eyes, please share it or tweet it #BeneathTheSurface via @jodylan89.

In case anyone missed previous posts about the documentary’s topic, read ‘Initial thoughts on HK’s ethnic relations‘ and ‘Hong Kong: Racism or Ignorance?’

Beneath the Surface of Asia’s World City [the documentary]



Camera/Editor/Producer: Jody-Lan Castle

Sound: Catalin Anton

Colour correction: Aaron Kay

Translation: Vikram Singh, Elaine Yu, Manjeet Brar

And a big THANK YOU to everybody who helped me make this in small ways or big.

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